1. How to build your e-commerce business

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  2. Make a homepage that wows

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  3. Add a contact form on the Contact page

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  4. Create a killer About page content

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  5. Create content for Privacy Policy page, Terms and Conditions, FAQ, etc.

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  6. Play around with the Shop page

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  7. Build perfect Product pages

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  8. Add social media icons to the Contact (and About) page

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  9. Use the power of the search bar

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  10. Don’t lead users to the Cart page as soon as they add products to the bag

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  11. Don’t forget to blog

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  12. One-page checkout is always the right way to go

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  13. Send all kinds of emails

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  14. Use exit-intent pop-ups

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  15. Are you ready to create a high-converting e-commerce site?

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Believe it or not, the About page is the second most visited page on a website (after the homepage).


Because e-commerce site visitors need something that will help them connect with a brand on a more personal level, and that’s what the About page is for.

Luckily for you, we dedicated a whole article to creating About page content. If you feel like reading the article is too much hassle, here’s a TL;DR version of the post:

1. Share a true story about your business because people can smell when you are lying to them.

2. Start by explaining how you started your e-commerce business.

3. Don’t hesitate to mention the struggles your business went through.

4. Share why and how you make products (focus on the “how” part, especially if you are using green production methods).

5. Include statistics and numbers.

6. Don’t be afraid to include testimonials.

7. Include basic principles your brand stands for.

8. Include images or a video.

9. Add contact details and social media handles.

10. Add a call to action that leads to the Shop page.

Now that you know what makes a killer About page content, all you need to do is write a well-thought-out text and decide which visuals you want to include on that page.

About page content 一 done! ✔️

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