1. Blogging 101: Set up your blog and build your empire

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  2. Define who your readers are going to be

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  3. Invest time into creating the perfect homepage

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  4. Let your personality shine through on the About page

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  5. Don’t complicate the Contact page content

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  6. Add categories to the Blog page

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  7. Add a bonus page – Work with me

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  8. Promote your blog

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  9. How to actually make money blogging

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  10. A few more tips for the road

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At the very end of this guide, we wanted to give you three final tips that will, hopefully, help you hang on even on the rainiest of days:

You are unique

Sure, there are thousands of bloggers writing posts about the same topics you are, but if you can offer a unique perspective on the subject, chances are your posts will be worth reading. So, remind yourself that YOUR view on the matter makes a difference.

To make sure that you create high-quality content, be up-to-date constantly with the latest developments in the field.

As they say, write what you know

If site visitors decided to stay on your blog and read your articles, it means they are interested in getting to know YOU, and they like reading your stories. So, don’t be afraid to offer your opinions and build upon your own experiences. Write about what you know and care for, about what irks that keep you awake at night, about what you believe matters in the world 一 and you are sure to find readers who will recognize you as a kindred soul.

Don’t pay attention to trolls

Be prepared to get negative criticism and trolling, but don’t let that ruin your day.

Some people like to provoke and pick on others just so they can feel better about themselves. Some want to share their opinions at all costs, no matter how rude or inappropriate they can be. So, all you need to remember is: if your writing is cause for any dialogue, it means you are doing something right, and you should embrace that.

Hopefully, these final tips gave you a pat on the back and encouraged you to follow your heart and build the blog of your dreams.

Now, it’s time you get busy and start building your blogging empire.

Themes Kingdom team is behind you 100%.

You got this.

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