Are you ready for our next theme-in-progress? You better be because we have a stunning WordPress theme coming your way! Meet Clarita WordPress theme.

What is Clarita WordPress theme?

Clarita is a portfolio WordPress theme built for freelance photographers and photography agencies that are looking to develop their online galleries and impress potential clients.

The inspiration for the name came from the Latin term “claritas” which can be translated as glory, brightness, clarity, flame. With this elegant WordPress theme, we wanted to give you a chance to show how glorious, sharp-eyed, hard-working, and passionate you truly are.

Clarita is a WordPress theme that gives you enough space to demonstrate your photography style and aesthetic.

So, who is Clarita for?

Well, it’s built for all photographers present in the industry for a while and the ones that already have a collection of work.

We know that a portfolio website is an essential marketing tool for any creative, especially creatives in the photography business. That’s why we made sure to give you enough room to show off the clients you have worked with (like major publications or commercial brands) and how well you can adapt to clients’ needs.

Is there anything unique about the Clarita WordPress theme?

There sure is! But, we don’t want to reveal too much about its design. For now, all we can tell you is that Clarita’s homepage consists of a 2- to a 6-column layout that allows you to show all your best work and diversity in the shots.

Just like our previous themes, Clarita is built using Gutenberg blocks and patterns. This means that creating a portfolio website is quick and easy一you won’t have to spend much time building sections on each page一you’ll be able to design everything in just a few clicks.

When will Clarita be available?

The theme is currently in the testing phase, so it should be up and running in the next couple of weeks.

Once it’s out, you’ll be able to purchase it and our hosting if you choose the “Hosting included” option. The good thing about this option is that you can buy the Clarita theme, download it and test it for 14 days before fully committing to it一no payment needed.

Clarita will also be available as a single purchase or part of our annual and lifetime subscriptions.

If Clarita seems like a theme that will go well with your style, stay tuned for the launch. 🙂 Keep up with the Themes Kingdom Blog一this is the place where we share all important news.

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