Coup is a brand new portfolio and blog theme for WordPress we’re working on. And it’s great.

Completely recuperable, Coup is meant for architects and Architekturbüros. It’ll mesh well with interior designers who want to showcase their work. The theme is light and gets out of the way from your work. Check out the teaser images below:



9 thoughts on “ New theme incoming: Coup ”

  1. This looks really nice! Looking forward to both this and Resonant. When are they released?

    1. You should expect them pretty soon – they’re both going to drop sometime in the coming weeks

    1. Right now, no. It’s a blog and portfolio theme. But we’ll spice it up with WooCommerce in the future.

      1. How soon in the future? I would love to start out with this theme and then be able to update to a Woo-compatible version. Is 2-3weeks be realistic?

        1. If you buy Coup now (at the launch discount) you’ll need to buy a $10 paid upgrade to Coup Shop when it’s released soon.

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