If you have been following Themes Kingdom recently, you know we have partnered with WooCommerce and that our Bonum theme is the first block-based theme published there.

We are so proud to say that Bonum was in compliance with the highest WooCommerce standards and that the company decided to publish it as the first theme that is entirely based on the Gutenberg editor.

Having the drive from the success of Bonum, we decided to create another e-commerce WordPress theme. And, with much joy and happiness, we present Lenis, an ultramodern WordPress theme built for small shops. A theme that will send your sales into the stratosphere.

How did Lenis get its name?

Well, when we were developing the theme, we knew we wanted it to be so well-designed that it gives you the energy to pursue your business goals and succeed in the ruthless e-commerce world. That’s when we came up with the name Lenis, from the Latin word ‘lenis’ 一 soft, smooth.

The word itself captures the theme’s goal entirely: Lenis will smoothly spark a passion for business and online selling and help you build a reliable online shop that customers will love spending time on.

Preview of the Lenis WordPress theme

What makes Lenis so special?

Lenis comes with many superb features. Some of them are:

Block-based theme. Lenis is one of our block themes that gives you a single interface in which you can add, remove and edit website elements一all that within the Gutenberg blocks.

Product-focused homepage. Lenis’s homepage is built to present to site visitors just how much you have to offer; it is filled with high-quality product images that will build consumer confidence in your brand and products.

Clean Shop page. The products on the Shop page are placed in four columns with a filter option on the right, so users can find just the type of product they need.

Minimal Blog page. This page is designed to help you present all the ideas behind the collections, explain the materials you use in manufacturing or anything related to your products and design process.

Stunning Lookbooks page. Knowing that you will probably have multiple collections, we wanted to give you a page that will feature all the looks from each collection.

Sleek Contact page. As an e-commerce business, you want your customers to be able to reach you ASAP, and that’s why with just one click on the button, they can email you.

If describing Lenis’s features didn’t give you a picture of how the theme looks and performs, we suggest you check out Lenis demo. The demo will show you just how contemporary and smooth the theme looks and feels.

How can I get the theme?

You can purchase Lenis as a theme separately or choose the “Hosting included” option, in which you get the theme plus Themes Kingdom hosting. If you don’t want to bother with finding the right hosting provider, we suggest you opt for the ‘Hosting included’ option, as you can test the theme and site hosting for 14 days; no payment needed.

We decided to give you a special offer to celebrate the launch of our newest theme. You can get Lenis 50% off if you use the code LENIS50. The code is valid until October 17, 2022. Click the button below to add Lenis to your cart!

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