Are you having a hard time coming up with blog post ideas?

If you do, it’s perfectly understandable. There are times in every blogger’s life when none of the blog post ideas seem attention-grabbing or intriguing enough, and when just thinking about writing seems daunting and repulsive.

That’s why we have compiled a list of 12 original blog post ideas that you can use to write articles at any time. So, if you are running out of creativity and are experiencing a writer’s block, just keep on reading.

#1 The “Here’s my secret” post

People love reading and hearing about, and sharing other people’s secrets. Knowing this, if you are looking for a way to engage your readers and get site visitors talking, write a post in which you spill the beans on a specific topic. Your “confession post” doesn’t have to be “shocking” or “jaw-dropping” to engage readers; it just has to contain information about something you have never mentioned/talked about before. It could be something your followers have asked about, but you never answered, or something you believe your readership can relate to.

If you are not sure in which direction you should go when it comes to the “here’s my secret” post, here are some blog post ideas for different types of blogs:

– For a travel blog: Spilling my secrets: How to get free food in Bangladesh.
– For a food blog: How to make a delicious beef Wellington every time (sharing my secrets)
– For a lifestyle blog: Sharing secrets: What do I do to boost my confidence and feel good every day?

#2 The giveaway post

There is not a human being on this planet that doesn’t like getting something for free 一 free hugs and kisses, free makeup samples, free reusable bags at a grocery store, you name it. So, why wouldn’t you surprise your followers by giving something away? Something you know your readers would love to get as a present.

Before you write a giveaway post and promote it, think about the purpose of it. Why are you hosting a giveaway, and what kind of outcome are you expecting? Are you aiming to get more Instagram followers or maybe more newsletter subscribers? By defining the giveaway’s goal at the beginning, the entire planning process will be cut down in half and you’ll be able to measure the results at the end.

Once you know the purpose of hosting a giveaway, it’s time to think about the prize 一 the center part of the charade. When it comes to choosing the prize, remember that the award should encourage readers to enter the giveaway and reflect your blog’s niche. So, for example, if you run a food blog and are also an author, you could give away 3 of your cookbooks. Similarly, if you are a fashion blogger, the prize could be the newest fashion piece, like a new Gucci purse or Zara sandals. You get the picture.

After the giveaway rules and the prize are set, you should write a blog post that draws your readers (and other people) in to enter the giveaway. Be sure to make clear in the blog post title that you are having a giveaway, so blog visitors don’t miss it. In the post, don’t forget to mention giveaway requirements and include a few photos of the prize item 一 two or three high-resolution images will do the job.

At the very end, the only thing that is left to do is to promote the giveaway on social media, as you would do with any other blog post. When you can, use hashtags like #giveaway or #win, which have proven to be very effective.

#3 The post in which you share how you got out of your comfort zone (and what happened)

Not everyone is willing to step out of their comfort zones. That’s why people love reading inspiring stories about “heroes” that are courageous enough to go the extra mile and willing to try something new.

So, next time you start doing something out of character, be sure to document it. You could share all the emotions you felt during the process, the ups and downs, and how you overcame the downs. And don’t forget to enrich the post with some high-quality imagery, as well.

Note: “Stepping out of a comfort zone” can mean so many things. To write such a post, you don’t have to do something unexpected, shocking, or highly inappropriate. All you have to do is explain what your comfort zone is and what it means for YOU to get out of it. So, for example, if you run a food blog and you mostly prepare juicy recipes for carnivores, you could try making a vegan meal for once.

#4 The interview

You don’t have to interview Anna Wintour or Gordon Ramsay to get people to read your blog. All you need to do is find a person that has a story you believe is worth sharing. If you decide to create such a post and publish it, you need to be prepared for conducting an interview, so that you can share the interviewee’s story in all its glory.

Here are a few tips that can help you prepare for conducting an interview:

  • Remember who is going to read the post. Since the interview is going to be published on your blog, your goal should be to inform (and entertain) your audience, and you can do so only by asking the right questions.
  • Do research on the person you are interviewing. Having in mind that you are talking to the person you are close to or at least familiar with, you probably know a lot about them. But, as an interviewer, you should not be subjective, as it can affect the choice of your questions. To find more about the interviewee, be sure to talk to anyone who knows them (like your family, friends, neighbors), so you get the bigger picture about who the person truly is.
  • Prepare a list of flexible questions. Be sure to write down all the questions you want to ask the person and come up with two/three possible follow-up questions that are suitable to ask, depending on their answer. Also, when interviewing, try to phrase the questions in a way that allows the person being interviewed to expand the answer.
  • Create a comfortable environment for the person you are interviewing. Make sure that the atmosphere is relaxing and friendly and provide them with all of the details about the interview itself beforehand. It is also a good idea to ask them if they’d like to see the questions first.

#5 The post in which you share your thoughts on a recent argument/event

Sharing your thoughts on a recent argument/event that went down in your industry is always an excellent way to get traffic. But, you need to know what you are getting yourself into.

If you decide you want to get involved in an argument and share your opinions and feelings, you need to know what you are talking about. You need to do your research and make sure that the information you include in the post is relevant, up-to-date, and valuable for the readers. You should know how to construct an argument. Your blog post should consist of logical arguments that are, first and foremost, supported by double-checked information, empirical data, or authoritative sources. Only then will you be able to position yourself as a credible blogger that is worth listening to (and comes up with amazing blog post ideas!).

However, even if you provide valuable data that came from authoritative sources, you have to be prepared to be judged. Indeed, no matter how compelling and well-thought-out the post is or how much evidence or compelling arguments you provided, people are never going to agree with you 100%. You should be prepared for some harsh comments. That’s why we wouldn’t recommend you write this type of post if you are the type of person that likes to stay away from “the drama”.

#6 The “top” list post

Creating a “top” list is s always a good blog post idea when you lack inspiration, but that doesn’t mean that you can create this type of post in a matter of minutes.

If you think about it, nowadays, there are so many “top” lists of all kinds. Bloggers write them, online magazines love them, and even Instagram post copies are often turned into lists of products. Truly, nowadays, once can put just anything in their “top” list and that’s why people don’t trust them as much as they used to. This is why we would recommend you do thorough research on the products/destinations/restaurants/hotels/ you are going to recommend in the post. Explain why you chose to include those things in your top list, why they worked for you and why you are recommending them. Highlight the specific details, and don’t be afraid to share your initial impression and thoughts on the things you write about, if they weren’t so positive.

If you are having trouble coming up with titles for the “top” list posts, here are some examples to help you:

– For a travel blog: Top 5 destinations you have to visit this year.
– For a food blog: Top 10 spices you need in your kitchen (and around your home).
– For a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog: Top 10 lipsticks that will look good on any skin color/Top 5 staple clothing pieces you need in your closet.

#7 The FAQ post

Once you get the hang of blogging and build a solid following base, your followers will start reaching out. They will want to know more about your life, habits, routines, and probably won’t be hesitant to reach out to you using your Contact page or in DMs on Instagram. Slowly, but surely, the number of messages is going to rise, and you’ll start to notice that the same questions get delivered to your inbox, over and over again.

In times when you feel uninspired to write a blog post and can’t come up with blog post ideas, use these questions and create an FAQ post, in which you’ll answer all the most commonly asked questions. If there are too many questions or the questions require longer answers, you can create a series of FAQ posts.

#8 The video post (instead of a classic, all-text blog post)

Did you know that, according to Hubspot, 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view videos every single day?

Yep, you have read that right.

Posting videos is your chance to boost traffic on your blog. So, in times when you don’t feel like writing, you could sit down on your bed, place the camera on a tripod in front of you, start talking about a specific topic and record your thoughts. After you are done recording, you’ll need to edit the video (here are some tips that can help you) and post it on your blog.

Now, before you start thinking about posting video content, have a serious talk with yourself. Why? Well, because maybe this is one of the blog post ideas that just won’t work for you. Some people simply don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of a camera, and maybe you are one of those people. Additionally, talking to a camera, and posting a video of yourself online means that anyone will be able to see a new side of yours you probably haven’t shared before 一 they’ll hear your voice, see your body language, and, ultimately, listen to your thoughts. They’ll be able to get to know you on a more personal level, which means that they will feel free to comment on your every move and every word you say (which is why you have to be careful not offend anyone in the video). So, if you love the camera and the camera loves you, and you feel ready to put yourself out there, post the video by all means. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it so much that you’ll decide to post videos frequently and develop a multiple channel strategy (read: create a YouTube channel and start vlogging) that will help you get traffic from your videos and written articles.

#9 The post in which you list things most people hate, but you love

It may seem odd to write about things most people despise, but you are running your own blog, and you can share your unpopular opinions openly.

If you do decide to write this kind of a post, be sure not to sound offensive or like you are trying to pressure people to like things (products, food, destinations, etc.) you love. Be considerate ー at the beginning of the post, mention that you are aware that most of the readers won’t agree with you, but that you wanted to share your perspective on particular products, foods, etc. Also, be sure to explain why you listed these things as beneficial/worth mentioning/helpful. Trust us; once you post such an article, you are going to be surprised how many people actually feel the same way as you about the things you mentioned in the post. 

#10 The “bucket list” post

Your loyal followers read your blog for a reason. Perhaps your charisma inspires them to be and do better. Perhaps they can relate to your lifestyle 一 they look up to your working ethic and have the same personal struggles as you. Maybe they simply find you friendly, approachable and they enjoy getting to know you online. Whatever the case may be, you can’t deny that loyal followers love reading your blog posts and hearing what you are up to. Knowing this, one could say that they would be interested in reading your bucket list and the goals you want to achieve before you wind up on your last legs. Some of your followers will, most likely, read the post to find inspiration for their bucket lists, some will do it to copy your list, and some will read it just so they can make fun of your dreams 一 either way, you’ll get traffic to your blog.

#11 The “A-Z” post

A-Z lists are always fun to read. To write such a post, all you need to do is choose a topic or a problem you know your readers have encountered and write an A-Z list that can help them solve the issue. If you are not sure what we mean, here’s an example.

Let’s say that you are a food blogger, and that you decided to share your tried and true recipe for making the most delicious macarons. As a food blogger, you know that macarons are anything but a quick and easy dessert you can make in 10 minutes; many people don’t know how to stop them from burning outside and being raw on the inside. Knowing this, you can make a step-by-step guide, an A-Z list on how to make the most delicious, painfully sweet, colorful macarons they have ever tried.

To conclude

These are all the blog post ideas we wanted to share with you. We hope you find them helpful and decide to include some of them in your blog’s editorial plan.

What do you do when you feel uninspired to write and don’t know what to write about? Share with us your tips in the comments below.

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