As an influencer, there are several ‘stakeholders’ you need to please.

First off, there are your needs and wants as an individual, a content creator. Your wish is to be able to post a variety of content covering topics you are passionate about.

Second, there’s your target audience that expects you to post quality content, pretty regularly. Your followers want to know what you are doing, where you are, products/places/food you recommend, etc.

And third, there are brands with whom you partner to create campaigns. You need to prove to the brands that your following is not fake and that you are creative enough to develop attention-grabbing campaigns your audience will love.

Knowing this, you might be wondering if there’s a way to satisfy the needs of all three groups.

The good news is that there is. All you need to do is create your website.

By creating a website that is entirely your own, you can share more about life, interests, and passion. You can curate the images you wouldn’t usually post on social media, control ads, blog post topics, and everything in between. Your audience will be pleased to see they can get more of you just by navigating on the website. And the brands? They will be glad to see that you are a professional, taking an influencer career seriously. They will trust you with presenting their products on multiple channels.

So, whether you are a public speaker or a rising model, you need to have an up-and-running, easy-to-navigate website. A site that will invite site visitors to discover your content and come back.

To help you build your website, we have curated a list of 5 best WordPress themes for influencers that you can use to increase following and engagement, and get partnerships. The themes on the list are highly customizable and flexible templates you can tweak just a little bit to get the final product, or you can customize them fully, to fit your needs perfectly.

Loqui – WordPress theme for public speakers

Loqui - the first best WordPress theme for influencers
Preview of the Loqui WordPress theme

If you are a public speaker looking to create or update your website, Loqui is the theme for you.

When you were starting your public speaking career, you faced a lot of challenges一 you had to overcome the fear of public speaking, learn how to be good at engaging your audience; learn how to speak without interruptions (without rambling); learn to slow down when talking and position your body towards the audience, etc. You also needed to learn how to promote yourself and find the best way to reach your audience. In the present time, we are sure that you overcame most of those challenges, but some things on your to-do list are still there: you need to continually promote yourself, your set of skills and be on top of your speaking gigs.

One of the ways you can ensure your voice is heard by the right people is having a website. We wanted to give you a theme that will make site building easy; and check one more thing off your long lists of tasks. And that’s Loqui, one of our top 5 WordPress themes for influencers.

Loqui’s homepage is created to ensure your seamless promotion. The homepage’s header consists of a headline, a short description, and a button that serves as a call-to-action. Just below the header, there is an ‘Areas of expertise’ section that allows you to share more about what makes you credible and knowledgeable about the subject you are speaking about. Below the ‘Areas of expertise’ section, you can find Events, so website visitors can keep up with your scheduled gigs and join you.

Apart from a stunning homepage, Loqui has four more pages: Journal, Bio, Contact, Events.

The Journal page acts as the online journal you want to share with the world. There, you can publish inspirational posts, and share personal challenges.

The Bio page is there to help you share your passion and how you got into public speaking. There is enough room to share your life story, your ups and downs; everything that led you to become who you are now.

The Contact and Events page are built to invite visitors to follow you, both on social media and in real life, on your speaking events.

To see all these pages in action, be sure to check out Loqui’s demo.

What makes Loqui even more interesting (besides a sleek and well-thought-out design) are the block patterns. These block patterns are pre-made items that consist of several Gutenberg blocks. We use patterns in our themes to help you save time when building your website一you can add multiple patterns to a page and create a page that suits your design preferences. And the best part is that you can use them anywhere on your website. To learn more about WordPress block patterns, check out our article WordPress block patterns: What they are and why we use them in our themes.

Vesta –  WordPress theme for models

Vesta - the second best WordPress theme for influencers
Preview of the Vesta WordPress theme

Vesta is one of the best WordPress themes for influencers built for professional models, actors, and anyone involved in the entertainment industry.

The theme looks very minimalistic and polished. There is no unnecessary clutter that can distract from the visuals you place in Vesta. And we created this type of design on purpose.

As a model/actor, you lead a hectic, yet fruitful life. We know you spend many hours on shootings/auditions and looking for modeling/acting jobs. Additionally, you are not just working as a model or actor. You are also an influencer that needs to promote themselves (and the brands you work with) on social media and don’t have the time to create or manage your website.

That’s why we create a flexible theme that can help you create a website in minutes; no coding skills required, Vesta.

Vesta’s comes with three pages in total.

The header on the homepage consists of a large headline, description and a call to action. Next to the text, there is an image. The image you decide to insert here should be the one that represents you, the influencer, the best. Once you scroll down the homepage, you’ll see that it gives you enough space to promote yourself, using eye-catching visuals and by sharing your career milestones.

Besides the homepage, Vesta comes with a Blog and Say Hello (Contact) page. We highly recommend you use the Blog page to post your views on industry-related topics. By doing so, you will ensure that agencies (if you are not signed yet), and brand representatives see that you have a voice; that you are genuinely interested in being a part of the industry, and are not afraid to share your opinion.

The Say Hello page has a minimal design, just like the rest of the theme. It consists of a short description and a contact form, so agents, brand representatives, and anyone who wants to contact you can do so by quickly filling in the form fields.

To see how Vesta works, check out the theme’s demo.

Gira – WordPress theme for painters, sculptors, artists

Gira WordPress theme
Preview of the Gira WordPress theme

Gira is the third theme on our ‘best WordPress themes for influencers’ list. It is built for painters, sculptors, and other artists that want their artwork to reach an online audience.

The theme is focused on one thing and one thing only: your artwork promotion.

When creating Gira, we pictured a young painter being its first user. A young painter spends all his days and nights in a semi-dark atelier, squeezing colors out of the tubes directly onto the canvas and stirring them with a dry brush until they all melt together. Next to him, we could see all the pieces he created, and his favorite brushes with synthetic hair bristles.

Picturing the painter, we knew he didn’t have the resources or the skills to spend hours searching for a template to build a website. That’s why we developed a one-and-done solution for website building: Gira.

Gira is built to mimic an online art gallery一the theme’s homepage represents a wall in an art gallery that you can use to put up all your most prominent art pieces. There is enough room for each artwork to get the attention it needs.

Because we didn’t want the theme to be cluttered with details, we added only two more pages to the theme: About and Contact.

The About page serves a ‘get to know me’ page, where you can share the journey that led you to art and the techniques you use. We recommend you use the About page to highlight the art creation process and what makes you, the artist, different from all the others. By doing so, you will add even more value to the pieces you paint.

When it comes to the Contact page, we tried to keep it minimal. We added a short description, followed by a contact form. Knowing that social media is essential for artwork promotion, we added a hidden sidebar that appears once you click the three-dot icon in the top right corner. By clicking on this sidebar, users can see how they can contact you and follow you on social media. You can check out how everything looks and works in Gira’s demo.

Artigo – WordPress theme for photographers

If you are a photographer, these are most likely your personality traits:
1. You are a risk-taker.
2. You are an always-on-the-go person.
3. You are a person of focus.
4. A high-achiever.
5. A problem solver.

Your days are busy. You are carrying a lot of gear. You are rushing to get to a particular location first. You are communicating and collaborating with a whole team of people, especially on professional sets. You are challenging yourself and learning new techniques and tools every day.

And we imagine there is not much more you can do per day. Especially not building and maintaining your website.

Artigo - the 4th best WordPress theme for influencers
Preview of the Artigo WordPress theme

That’s why we created Artigo, one of the best WordPress themes for influencers.

Artigo is a WordPress theme created specifically for photographers. Its homepage looks like a photo book whose well-curated images are placed in a three-column layout. All the images on the homepage can be clicked on and, therefore, viewed separately.

Alongside the homepage, Artigo also comes with About and Contact pages. Both of these pages are minimalist in design.

Our favorite parts of the Artigo theme are the short description in the bottom left corner of the homepage and the Follow link that acts as a dropdown. The description is a two-sentence explanation of who you are and what you do. It can come in handy to all your website visitors, as you can, in just a few words, explain the type of photography you chose (portrait, fashion, sports, editorial, etc.), while simultaneously welcoming visitors to the site. The Follow link encourages your visitors to check your social media handles.

To see how Artigo works, check out the theme’s demo.

Authentica – WordPress theme for actors/actresses

Authentica is a WordPress theme is one of the best WordPress themes for influencers built for the people in the entertainment industry, preferably actors and actresses.

Authentica WordPress theme
Preview of the Authentica WordPress theme

This template is one of our dark WordPress themes that is softened and dimmed. We chose to make it opaque on purpose: the black color gives an artsy feel to it. Thanks to the absence of colors, site visitors are able to focus on the text and the images rather than the shades of your website.

That ‘artsy’ feel of a theme is an expression of who you are. As an actor/actress, you are creative and original in a setting that allows you to express yourself. You are a leader, a charismatic extrovert whose openness and vulnerability drives you to take on even the most challenging roles. We wanted a theme that could embody all the previously mentioned.

We also wanted to give you a theme that can help you edit website elements on the go. That’s why Authentica is filled with images you can replace in minutes. We know you don’t have a 9-to-5 work routine and sometimes work for 16 hours straight. 

The theme comes with five pages一Hello, Bio, Blog, Gallery, Bookings一and a three-dot icon that reveals a hidden sidebar once you click on it. The entire theme’s design is based on a two-block layout一the image is placed in the left, and text in the right block. To see how all the pages work together, be sure to check out Authentica’s demo.

Final thoughts

Now that you have gone through our list of best WordPress themes for influencers, can you choose the one for your website? Which theme do you prefer the most? Let us know in the comments.

If, for some reason, you haven’t found what you are looking for, know that there are more themes you can explore in our collection of WordPress themes for influencers.

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