If you are dipping your toes into the blogging waters, you are aware of how important choosing the right WordPress theme is.

Indeed, as a new blogger, you need a lot of things to jumpstart your career一finding a hosting provider, choosing a blog niche, creating quality content一but before you can do all that, you need to find the right WordPress theme. A fast, fully customizable theme that is easy on the eyes (and that looks good on every screen!), SEO-ready, potentially multilingual, etc.

Knowing how difficult it is to choose a template for your website, we wrote an article that can help you pick the right WP theme for your blog. But what if you decided that you want to get a Themes Kingdom WordPress theme but don’t know which one to choose? If that’s the case, we’ll make the process a bit easier with this blog post. In this article, we listed 10 best WordPress themes for bloggers, created at Themes Kingdom. All the themes in the list are our best-sellers and are built for different types of blogs (fashion, food, lifestyle, etc.). All you need to do is go through the list and choose the one for your blog niche. It’s that simple!

A few words on our WordPress themes

Before you make a conscious decision to purchase or download one of our WP themes, we want to give you some information on our themes. So that you know what you can expect from them一and you can expect a lot. 😊

Here are the themes’ features:
– If you are a blogger on a budget, be sure to check out our free WordPress themes. The first two themes in the list are free-of-charge; you can just download them and start creating your website.
– All our WP themes are fully customizable and flexible; none of our themes is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of product. Numerous options are available for colors, typography, menu styles, page names, and other styles.
– All themes are SEO-friendly. This means that your website will be able to rank well in search engines such as Google.
– All Themes Kingdom themes are responsive. This means that a theme and the content you place in it will look good on any screen, including mobile, tablet, etc.
– All themes support different post formats, so you will be able to add crisp and captivating visuals in minutes.
– If you don’t want to bother with finding the right hosting provider, you can choose the ‘Hosting included’ option on our Pricing page. With this option, you’ll get a WordPress theme for free, installed and fully set up, plus Themes Kingdom hosting.

Now that you know what to expect from the themes, let’s find the right theme for your blog.

Cerebro WordPress theme

If you are looking for a free WordPress theme with a simple, uncluttered design, look no further一this is the theme for you.

Best WordPress themes for bloggers - Cerebro
Preview of the Cerebro theme

Cerebro is one of the best WordPress themes for bloggers because it can be used for any type of blog. What makes Cerebro so attractive is that it displays a list of blog posts on the homepage in a column layout, so site visitors can immediately see what you like to write about. The menu, located in the top left corner, has three items一Guides, Contact, and Info. The theme also comes with a hidden sidebar that appears once you click on the “…” icon at the top right corner. If you are interested in seeing how Cerebro works, check out the theme’s demo.

Limpia WordPress theme

Limpia is another free, polished WP theme. It comes with a lot of negative space, making this theme perfect for fashionistas that are all about elegance and minimalism. Thanks to the white space, all your #ootds can be presented cleanly and with style; they can truly come to life. If you check out Limpia’s demo, you’ll see why it’s one of the best WordPress themes for bloggers.

Best WordPress themes for bloggers - Limpia
Preview of the Limpia theme

Here are a few other features included in this theme:
– At the top right corner of the theme, you can find a menu bar with the Home, About, and Contact pages.
– Right next to the menu is an icon that reveals a hidden sidebar once you click on it.
– The theme can be used for any type of blog.

Ruta WordPress theme

Best WordPress themes for bloggers - Ruta
Preview of the Ruta theme

Ruta is a classic travel blog WordPress theme and one of the best WordPress themes for bloggers for a variety of reasons.

This theme’s homepage comes with a full-width header image, which you can use to highlight your most-read article or the most attractive destination you’ve visited. Below the header image, there is a post archive section, designed in a two-column layout.

At the bottom of the homepage, you can see a ‘Tips and tricks’ section that allows you to add your best traveling tips and inform readers on how you keep up with your busy schedule, bookings, leading a healthy lifestyle, etc.

At the top right corner of Ruta, there is a menu bar with Home, Destinations, About, and Contact pages.

To see Ruta in action, be sure to check out the theme’s demo

Obscuri WordPress theme

Obscuri is a unique, bold, and edgy WordPress theme. It’s one of the best WordPress themes for bloggers, perfect for streetwear fashionistas.

Best WordPress themes for bloggers - Obscuri
Preview of the Obscuri theme

The theme features a gigantic slider in the header. We suggest you use this slider to promote your outfits. Below the slider, there is a post archive section, created in a three-column layout.

At the top left corner of the theme, there is a simple menu bar with three pages: Journal, Us, and Follow. Once you hover over the Follow page, a dropdown menu appears and reveals social media links. Next to the menu, you can see a three-dot icon that shows a hidden bar once you click on it.

If you want to check out how Obscuri works, click here to see the theme demo.

Stile WordPress theme

Stile is a stylish WordPress theme, built for fashion, lifestyle, and travel bloggers.

Best WordPress themes for bloggers - Stile
Preview of the Stile theme

The theme comes with a full-width header slider that features up to three posts (but you can add more if you want to). Below the slider, there is a post archive designed to present all your posts in three columns.

The menu of this theme is placed at the top right corner and features six items: Home, Journal, Inspirations, Destinations, About, and Contact.

The overall aesthetic of this theme is very feminine, gentle, and lightweight, but you can change Stile’s color scheme and fonts to adjust it to your aesthetic and style. No wonder this is one of the best WordPress themes for bloggers!

To see how Stile performs, be sure to check out the demo.

Testina WordPress theme

Testina is one of the best WordPress themes for bloggers. It is built for food bloggers and is as ‘tasty’ as its name suggests.

The first thing you can see on the Testina’s homepage is an edge-to-edge header slider, and a menu bar placed vertically, on the left. We purposefully placed the slider on the homepage, so you can promote your most interesting blog post or the post you feel needs some extra love.

Below the slider, there’s a section that features all your blog posts in five columns. The layout in which the posts are displayed is similar to the sticky notesーit makes the recipes perfectly aligned. When you click on a post, you’ll see the author’s name and bio on the left, and on the right are listed previous and following blog posts.

The menu bar contains five pages: Home, Recipes, Cookbook, About, and Contact. The Recipes page is there to feature all your flavorful recipes on one page. The page consists of a six-column layout. The Cookbook page is there to help you promote your book or anything you’ve written for other publications and blogs.

Best WordPress themes for bloggers - Testina
Preview of the Testina theme

The theme also comes with a “…” icon that reveals a sidebar once you click on it. 

Frequency WordPress theme

Frequency is a one-of-a-kind WordPress theme whose layout is based on a horizontal grid.

Best WordPress themes for bloggers - Frequency
Preview of the Frequency theme

The theme is designed to capture your blog visitors’ attention. If you check out Frequency’s demo, you’ll see that the homepage is super clean一it can feature all your blog posts (or some of them) with no clutter and no unnecessary features that take away from your posts’ charm. The menu is hidden behind the hamburger icon, and once you click on the icon, Project, About, and Contact pages will appear.

You can use this theme to make any type of blog, or a portfolio website. Not to sound biased, but it’s truly one of the most innovative, best WordPress themes for bloggers.

Coup WordPress theme

Coup is one of our OG best WordPress themes for bloggers. The theme is suitable for any type of blog.

Best WordPress themes for bloggers - Coup
Preview of the Coup theme

It comes with a header slider on the homepage, which can be changed into smaller dimensions. Images that are displayed in the slider fit the entire screen and have a centered headline and text to follow. Once you scroll down, below the slider, you’ll see a collection of blog posts that can be featured in a three-column grid or randomly, using the shuffle mode.

The menu bar in this theme is placed at the top left corner, followed by a hidden sidebar that opens once you click the “…” icon (check out the demo to see how it works).

The interesting thing about this theme is that it has five menu items: Journal, Projects, About, Contact and Follow. We recommend you use the Journal page for your posts and the Projects page for collaborations with brands. If you don’t like the names of these pages, you can always change them.

Veni WordPress theme

Veni is a WordPress theme we built specifically for lifestyle bloggers.

Best WordPress themes for bloggers - Veni
Preview of the Veni theme

The theme’s homepage features a full-screen slider that contains three different images or posts. Below the slider, there is a section which features your ‘about me’ information, contact information and photo stories. Underneath this section, there is a post archive, presented in a two-column layout.

Veni’s menu is placed at the top right corner and comes with four items: Home, Photo stories, About, and Contact. We purposefully added the Photo stories page, so you can get a separate page to feature all your beautiful photos. The theme comes with two menu styles.

The interesting thing about Veni is that it has a vertically placed menu at the right of the website. This menu contains social media handles, so users find your social media handles quickly and just click the link to follow you. Veni is one of our best WordPress themes for bloggers, and we created it with a lot of love and patience. If you want to see how Veni performs, check out the theme demo.

Prim WordPress theme

Prim is a newspaper-inspired WordPress theme that can be used to build any type of blog.

Best WordPress themes for bloggers - Prim
Preview of the Prim theme

What’s so special about Prim is that it is a modular WordPress theme whose homepage consists of blocks, which you can play with (move around) to create the perfect homepage. The post archive section becomes visible once you scroll down the homepage.

The menu is placed at the top left corner and consists of five items: Home, Inspiration, My Work, About, and Contact. We suggest you use the My Work page to feature all your articles and the Inspiration page to highlight all the things that motivate you and give you ideas. And remember: this theme allows you to choose between four menu styles.

Which WordPress theme from the list caught your eye?

Now that you have seen all the Themes Kingdom blog WordPress themes, which one will you choose? Are you more inclined towards a universal blog theme like Limpia or Prim, or prefer themes like Testina or Veni? Let us know in the comments.

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