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Themes Kingdom WordPress themes examples
Themes Kingdom WordPress themes examples

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Marjolein Heije, Visual Artist

I used the Eris theme to create my portfolio website, and I didn't have to use any website builder. I got the design I love, and it shows my work perfectly.

Marjolein Heije, Visual Artist

Miroslav Georgijevic, Photographer

The theme that I'm using is the face of my webpage for years now, and I still love it! It's super clean, easy to cruise on, and seamlessly retains the clients' focus on my photos.

Miroslav Georgijevic, Photographer

Mark Beahm, Food Photographer, and Food Blogger

I chose Themes Kingdom because I thought there was an amazing value for the price. I love the themes for my blog and portfolio - they are beautiful and fit my aesthetic. The themes help me showcase my work, and I think they stand out from other websites.

Mark Beahm, Food Photographer, and Food Blogger

Nemanja Veselinović, BRK Grooming Company

Our web store is the core of our sales strategy. Themes Kingdom helped us establish an easy-to-maintain shop with outstanding visuals!

Nemanja Veselinović, BRK Grooming Company

Benjamin Helle, Photographer

Coleta is a simple WordPress theme with really cool features. I also appreciate that the Themes Kingdom team is helpful and reactive.

Benjamin Helle, Photographer

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Do you offer customer support?+

Of course, we do! We try our best to provide excellent customer service, and we will gladly give you a hand as long as you have an active plan.

Once you buy a theme or build a site using one of our themes, if you are having any doubts or feel like you need our help, you can check out our Help center and browse through the articles. You can also send an email to support@themeskingdom.com, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you offer discounts? If you do, where can I get one?+

Sure, we do! We offer 10% off your first purchase when you subscribe to our newsletter. If you click on the Discounts page, you'll see that we also offer 30% off our themes for students and non-profit organizations. Apart from these discounts, we also offer periodic discounts for the holidays, and anniversaries (like Themes Kingdom birthday) we like to celebrate.

Can I use your themes to build websites for clients?+

Yes, absolutely. You can definitely use our themes to build websites for your clients. However, it's important to note that each license allows you to use the theme for one website only. So if you plan on using the same theme for multiple client websites, you will need to purchase additional licenses, you may be able to select the number of licenses you need during the checkout process.

Should I opt for a hosted plan or a plan without hosting?+

A hosted plan is a great start for customers who don't want to spend time setting up their website in WordPress (installing the theme, buying and setting up the hosting etc.) while if you are continuously building multiple websites the bundle option that comes without hosting may be a more cost-effective solution.

How do I install one of your WordPress themes that I purchased with the ThemesKingdom hosting?+

If you purchased one of the “Hosting included” plans, you don't have to bother with theme installation and hosting - our system for quick WordPress site creation will do all the steps for you.

Can I switch themes later on?+

Sure. If you signed up for a One theme One year plan or the One theme Lifetime plan and you feel like the theme you chose doesn't suit your needs the best, you can switch to another equally priced theme, free of charge.

What is a hosted plan?+

With a hosted plan we take care of everything regarding the setup and hosting of your website, you just need to find a new domain name or connect it to an existing one and customize your website content to your preference.

Can I cancel my subscription?+

Sure, you can cancel your chosen subscription plan at any time.

How do I install one of your WordPress themes?+

If you purchase or download a theme, you are going to have to install it by yourself.

If you need help with this process, we would suggest you visit our Help center. Just click on Themes documentation, and under the section Guides and resources, you'll see a post “How to install a WordPress theme”. Go through the steps mentioned in this post, and you'll install a theme in no-time.

What is your refund policy?+

We offer a full refund for the first 14 days after purchase.

What is the difference between "hosted included" and "hosting not included"?+

A theme with the "hosting included" option is great if you don't want to spend time setting up the theme (buying and setting up the hosting, installing the WordPress, installing the theme, etc.) or you can select the "hosting not included" option and install the theme yourself by following our step by step guide.

Can I switch between plans later on?+

Sure, you can switch your chosen plan at any time, all you need to do is send us and email with the request to: support@themeskingdom.com and we'll make it happen.

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