If you have been following the online marketing industry since around 2010, you probably remember that the one blog promotion technique every online marketing guru mentioned was guest blogging.

Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, and the Backlinko guys 一 they all recommended you get that “referral traffic funneling back to your site” through guest posting.

And it’s true. Guest blogging was and still is a way to increase traffic on your blog.

If you haven’t heard of this term, all you need to know (for now) is that guest blogging is a promotional method in which you write posts for another (company’s) website, add a link to your site, to track traffic back to your website, boost your site’s rank and increase your brand’s credibility.

However, almost a decade later, no one talks about it anymore 一 it’s no longer the talk of the town.

We at Themes Kingdom honestly believe that this method hasn’t lost its power. Just the opposite 一 this technique of promotion offers multiple benefits for any site. Here are the reasons why guest blogging is still a gold mine:

Reason no. 1: It boosts your site’s domain authority

The first thing you need to know about guest blogging is that it will get your blog the exposure it needs.


When posting content on someone else’s website, you have a chance to get ‘DoFollow’ links that lead blog post visitors to your blog. Having multiple domains linking to your site increases your blog’s domain authority (DA), which helps you rank better on Google. You can even get to the #1 page of SERPs!

Bonus knowledge: Domain authority is the number on a scale from 1 to 100 that shows how likely your site is to get rank on the first page of SERPs, for any given keyword. If you don’t know what your blog’s DA is, you can use an online tool like Smallseotools.com to check it. Your blog’s DA should be above 30.

Shocking right?!

Well, not really.

Google algorithm is pretty smart 一 it counts how many comments, shares, likes, your blog post got, and how many sites are linking to the post you wrote. These parameters show Google whether your article is relevant or not (which is why we would advise you to create high-quality content). No wonder we recommend guest posting as one of the methods to promote a photography business online.

Reason no. 2: It’s your chance to make a great first impression

If you are new to the blogging world, you need to give your audience a chance to get to know you and guest blogging is THE technique you should use to make a great first impression.

Think about it for a minute. When your post is published on an authoritative blog, your target audience will perceive you as someone credible and trustworthy (which is, again, the reason you need to write high-quality posts). Show your target audience that you are someone who understands their pain points, and is willing to give them a solution.

Reason no. 3: You’ll get a chance to connect with other bloggers in your industry

Although it may seem like other bloggers and influencers in your industry are these untouchable creatures that spend their life posting on their blogs and social media channels, the truth is they are (usually) just as approachable as the next person.

If you become a Contributor on some site, you’ll see that we are right.

How come? Well, some sites that accept guest posts also create communities for their contributors. As a part of that community, you will, most likely, join in a chat with other contributors, exchange emails and get to know other writers.  Guest blogging is your chance to create strong relationships.

Reason no. 4: You’ll get fresh ideas for your content

In the previous paragraph or two, we mentioned that you will get a chance to reach out to other bloggers in your community. Why don’t you use this benefit and leverage connections by turning them into collaborations? You can do interviews, create online courses, and podcasts with influencers in your industry.

The sky’s the limit.

Reason no. 5: You’ll grow your social media following

When your post is published on an authoritative blog, you need to be aware of the fact that your article is going to be seen by many, MANY people. Not hundreds, thousands.

You are going to be perceived as a trustworthy author that creates valuable content, and this is precisely the author that gets a lot of comments on a blog post and a lot of social shares. If you want to increase the number of your social media followers, all you need to do is customize your author profile and bio and include links to your social media profiles. This trick is one of the oldest in the book, is super quick and works amazingly.

Reason no. 6: You’ll improve your writing skills

Although 43% of readers only skim blog posts, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about text flow, the imagery you use in blog posts or the writing style itself.

When it comes to writing, all we can say is that practice makes perfect. The more you write, the less time you’ll spend writing and more on perfecting the post. Also, over time, you’ll develop your writing style, which will become recognizable in the community.

Bonus tip: When it comes to actual writing, we would advise you to write in-depth articles. According to Growhtbadger.com, bloggers who earn over $50,000 per year say their most popular blog posts are over 2,400 words long on average.

Reason no. 7: People will actually read what you have to write

Imagine the following situation: As a professional chef/blogger, you came up with an idea to write about 10 spices every household should have, and you get to writing. You write an in-depth article on which spice goes with what dish, how the spices should be used 一 fresh or dried, and how one can grow those 10 spices at home. You find the right images and share the article on your blog.

Like a true blogger, you decide to promote this post a bit, but a week later, there are only 30 Pageviews and no comments. You check the statistics in Google Analytics and see that Average Time on Page is approximately 25 seconds.

Now, imagine a different scenario: You wrote a blog post, submitted one of the top culinary sites that work with contributors. You got thousands of views on that post, while the average time a user has spent on a page is now 3,5 minutes.

See the difference?

If you are just starting out, the truth is, you won’t get as much exposure and traffic as you want. Luckily, you can use guest blogging to help you reach your audience.

Ready to write your first guest post?

Now that you know all the reasons why guest blogging still works, are you ready to create your first post?

If you are, get to writing and be sure to check the text in the end, for any grammar and punctuation issues.

Have you tried guest blogging? What was your experience? Share with us your experience in the comment section.

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