Crunchy and crisp on the outside, sweet and tender on the inside: meet Appetite, our newest theme.

Appetite is as delightful and clean as the very kitchen it’s meant to promote. Here’s a few people that will love Appetite:

  • Foodie blogger: you will love the way Appetite’s storytelling tools let you write reviews and your experiences. Be they about the best craft beer in town, or the latest indie deli pop-up shop.
  • Chef: your recipes are easily searchable, with an added focus on gorgeous photos. You can guide readers through your process with elegant typography and lots of white space.
  • Restaurant manager: your staurant’s branding can be easily applied – letting you have a new website up and running in minutes.

It’s going to be released in the coming weeks – sign up for our newsletter to be notified. In the meantime, enjoy a few delicious screenshots of the work in progress:




One thought on “ What We’re Working on: Appetite ”

  1. Hmm Looking good. Didn’t know I was subscribed to your email. I’m getting new theme updates every week.

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