Yaay! It’s finally the time to present you with a sneak peek of our newest theme-in-progress 一 Bottega.

Sounds so fancy when you say it, doesn’t it?

The term bottega, originally an Italian word, stands for a studio that gathers master artists and their apprentices. The idea behind this place was to give an opportunity to apprentices to learn from the master by participating in the work and creating art.

With this modern, jaw-dropping theme, we wanted to give you a chance to be the Master and teach others by showing off your stunning work.

So, who is Bottega for?

Pretty much all the artists that are looking for an elegant, breathtaking way to display their work online. Our new theme is perfect for:

  • Studios. If you are a bunch of creative souls building extraordinary pieces of art and design, you need to show it to the whole world. You’d be surprised how many people want to see beauty through your eyes. Bottega is your chance to reach out to those people.
  • Agencies. A team of multidisciplinary designers, marketing experts, and developers working over 16 hours a day to make their clients happy needs a clean-cut portfolio to display all of their masterpieces in one place.
  • Independent visual artists. An artist with a distinct eye and approach to art who is looking to for a new way to present his/her work. No more rejection letters thanks to this portfolio theme that will help you tell a story.  

When will this theme be available?

Well, Bottega is currently in the testing phase so the theme should be up and running in the next few weeks.

Just like all of our other themes (except the free ones!), Bottega will be available as a single purchase, or as part of our annual and lifetime subscriptions. Not to mention, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee. But, we know you are going to like it.

If Bottega seems like your cup of tea, get notified as soon as it launches by signing up for our newsletter. No spam.

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