1. Get your web designer, information architect and SEO consultant working together right from the beginning. This will result in a more effective, better-optimized website that is easier to use.

2. Organize products in an e-commerce store by category and sub-category, based on topics and sub-topics, in a way that is reflected in your URL hierarchy.

3. Turn on e-commerce tracking with Google Analytics to show exactly how much money you are helping clients make.

4. Do keyword research. Whether it is for product description, review writing or anything else, keywords will provide you with clues on how you need to be creating your content and what you need to be selling.

5. Write original, descriptive title tags. Make sure that you are giving each page it’s own unique title, and do not repeat it on another page.

6. Write killer meta tags (title and meta description). Meta tags are still important because they show up in search results. Improving your meta descriptions will encourage your readers to find you on search result easily and that leads to more clicks on your site, improving your website ranking.

7. Create easy to access site navigation. Put your most important items at the beginning of the navigation and the least important items in the middle. “Contact” should be the last item on the list, putting it at the far right in top-level horizontal navigation, a standard location.

8. Use breadcrumbs. They help visitors find content easily on your website. But, if your website has more than 500 pages then you need to categorize broad topics or subjects and plan out a sitemap accordingly.

9. Don’t avoid internal linking. It actually increases keyword ranking and also assists visitors in providing a route through your site. Breadcrumbs create you even more internal links!

10. Create a unique description for each category & product. Never use the manufacturer’s own content for category and product pages. Write your own based on your keyword research.

11. Design product pages with all necessary features (social Sharing, image, text, videos, related products). Product pages are more important than the home page since they are where the deal is closed.

12. Watch out for broken links. Monitor for broken links using tools like deadlinkchecker.com and brokenlinkcheck.com. Do it every couple of weeks and remove any you found as soon as possible.

13. Go with mobile. Not being mobile-friendly today means losing valuable traffic and ranking and therefore sales. As simple as that.

14. Use rich snippets because they enable search engines to identify extra information on the page. They are used to deeply understand the value of the product page. A page with rich snippet is not only trustworthy but it enables the searcher to make a quick decision to clicks pages and improve the likelihood that satisfies their needs.

15. Security is a must. You will be dealing with personal information of your customers, so you need to ensure that all the necessary systems are secured with high socket layer like encrypt 256 bit or more. You can use socket license provider like Norton, GoDaddy, Comodo, etc.

16. Update sitemap periodically. A sitemap is a kind of gateway through which search engine understand the flow of your site. Whenever you make any changes on your site, you need to submit sitemap immediately after updating.

17. Leverage user-generated content. Encourage your customer to write reviews about the product they bought, thus providing you not only with great content but also giving you fodder for your keywords and copy.

18. Reword copy. Think beyond the technical specifications of the product and its basic functionality. What does the customer want this for? What do they want from it? Use their own words and add a dash of originality and class.

19. Add ALT tags to your images. Chances are your site will have a huge amount of images. That’s a huge amount of tags that will help you get indexed.

20. Add 300+ words of content to your category pages. Categories are how your long tail customers find you. Pick up additional traffic by helping them do so.

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