Say ‘Hi!’ to Nuptia & Gamos – Our New WordPress Themes for Weddings

It’s been a while since we posted on our blog. It was a hot and busy summer for us, coupled with a vacation season for our team, and we wanted to wait until we’ve had something super-exciting to share with you.

Well, that time is now!
Please welcome our two brand new themes – Nuptia & Gamos.

Back at the end of July we gave you a sneak peek about these two themes. We are very excited about them, since they are not just one of our first forays into the wedding planning arena, but because they are also one of our first FSE-ready themes. As usual, they boast a beautiful, clean, sleek, and minimalist design, while being super-functional for hosting all wedding-related information.

How can you get Nuptia & Gamos?

As is now customary with all our themes, you can purchase the theme separately, or choose the “Hosting included” option, which provides you with a one-stop solution (both the theme and the website hosting). The good thing about the “Hosting included” option is that you can test the theme and website hosting for 14 days; no payment needed. If you choose to continue, you get the theme and the hosting for one affordable price! 

Now for the best part!

To celebrate the launch, using the code 50off you can now purchase these, as well as all of our other themes for 50% off of their price, until October 8, 2021.

For the “Hosting Included” option, 50% off applies to the first 3 months of your subscription.

If Nuptia or Gamos seems like the themes that will fit your wedding planning needs, click the button below and purchase one (or both!) of them today!

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