Meet Resonant, our newest theme in progress.

Resonant is clean, modern, stylish. Made for websites with an attitude, Resonant is ideal for editorials, fashion blogs, portfolios, artists, and shops. It’s coming soon.

In other news, we’re also trying to simplify Dwell – our other upcoming theme – in terms of plugins. What we usually do for every theme is that we include around seven of our own, specially developed plugins. But this time with Dwell we’d like to use Jetpack. It will let us rely on one plugin instead of seven, which should speed up Dwell and make it more reliable (and easier for us to quickly update). We’ll talk more about this at launch, but for now make sure you’ve registered for an account over at – because you’ll need it to use Jetpack. Dwell should be landing sometime next week.


In the meantime, here’s what the news page looks like in Resonant:


And here’s how a post looks like in Resonant.

One thought on “ Resonating with Resonant ”

  1. Congratulations to the new themes, both look promising and looking forward to the release!

    I have some serious concern about switching to Jetpack because China blocks and, and some of Jetpack’s features rely on to function. In previous themes like GoodzMagazine, I have to manually remove all references to and replace the netdna mirror/gravator to a locally hosted version in order to prevent the site from stuck in loading, and I’m afraid there will be much more to do if the new themes switch to Jecpack.

    Here are some articles about the situation of Jetpack in China: and, it will be great if you include an option to opt out at least the blocked parts of Jetpack.

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