Seems like everybody wanted us to turn our Coup theme into a fully fleshed out e-commerce theme. So, due to high popular demand, may we present: Coup Shop!

It’s got all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a Themes Kingdom theme. There’s the scrumptious slider; the elegant layout options; profoundly restrained minimalism; full WooCommerce support (and we really do mean FULL); and much more.

Coup Shop is so capable, it can easily go against themes that are ten times as expensive – and still beat them. It offers great value due to it’s speed, simplicity and vast feature set.

We’re also running a ONE-DAY 20% launch sale! Get Coup Shop and use this code at checkout to get it:


[button url=”” style=”tksc-btn-inverse” size=”” type=”round” target=”_blank”] See what Coup Shop can do for you [/button]

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