A couple of weeks ago, we announced that we’ve been working on a new portfolio WordPress theme, Rapto一and your reactions were more than positive. We’ve got a bunch of messages from WP aficionados asking when the theme will be available. So, we decided to speed up the testing process and publish the theme as quickly as possible一and today’s the day! We can positively say that we are excited to present to you Rapto, a portfolio WordPress theme that will help you impress potential clients and get hired.

Why did we name the theme Rapto?

Well, the inspiration for the name came from the Spanish term “rapto” which can be translated as “rapture” or “kidnapping”. We wanted to give you a sleek WordPress theme that will ”kidnap” your potential clients’ attention, as soon as they get to your website. We also wanted to give you a chance to build a practical portfolio website that displays all your masterpieces seamlessly, in one place.

What’s so special about this theme?

Many, many things! Some of them being:

  • A homepage that beautifully displays all your work. To capture potential clients’ attention, we made sure your work is visible immediately, on the homepage. The homepage acts as a vault of all your projects, and once you hover over a project’s name, a featured image of that project appears.
  • A News section. Just in case you want to share your thoughts on industry-related topics or discoveries, there’s a super polished News section to help you out. Once you click on a single news page, you’ll see that the news headline is placed at the left top, while the cover image at the top right, and below the text, you can find the “Related articles” section. 
  • A Contact page. This page’s design is probably the cleanest of them all. We made sure there is no confusion about how clients can get in touch with you一there is enough space for you to add a call to action, your email address, and social media handles.
  • Gutenberg blocks and block patterns. The theme is built using Gutenberg blocks and patterns that allow you to design your website in minutes. Truly, building a website with Rapto is as fun as playing LEGOs.

If you are interested in seeing Rapto with your own eyes, be sure to check out the theme’s demo.

How can you get Rapto?

You can purchase the theme and our hosting if you choose the “Hosting included” option. The good thing about this option is that you can buy the theme, download it and test it for 14 days; no payment needed.

Rapto is also available as a single purchase or part of our annual and lifetime subscriptions.

If Rapto seems like a theme that will fit your aesthetics and needs, click the button below and purchase it today!

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