Long gone are the times when websites were just an online version of your business card, and (or) brochure. Or when one should wait for several minutes for website to load its flash animation – believe us, those days are long gone: no one will wait more than several seconds (if so) for your site to load. Except if you have an online video game on it. Do you? We thought so.

So, what does your website need? Here’s a list of five website must-haves:

Well-organized layout on every single page, not only homepage.

Your visitors would probably (hopefully) come from search engines or social media channels, so it’s not likely that the homepage would be the very first page they’ll see. That said, it’s understandable why you shouldn’t focus only on homepage, but on the “look and feel” for every different page style you have (homepage, category page, product page, blog archives and single page, and so on).

Our themes are designed to meet the criteria for user-friendly web design. You can (and should) customize any theme as much as you like, just be sure to keep it easily readable.

Clear, clean and organized navigation

Don’t assume that visitors will spend their valuable time trying to figure out where to go next. Make sure that the navigation menus are self-understandable: use common words and phrases.

Many of our themes support two or three menus, and some are made with only one. We did our best to make navigation clear and organized. Play with menu items, test different word and phrases, and change the item order. Keep one that fits user’s needs best.

Tell visitors who you are and what is your business

Don’t be shy, your customers need to know who you are and what are you doing. Having “About us” page is as important as telling your name when meeting someone for the first time. Do you have troubles remembering all those names when you are at the office party or business meeting? So do your visitors – make “About us” remarkable and worth visiting.

Contact page, because you want your customers to contact you, right?

A contact page should allow your visitors to easily make contact with you, via email and telephone. We made that easier for you: every theme on Themes Kingdom has a built-in Contact page, you just need to fill it down with your data.

Be sure there is always a Call-to-action

Whether you are selling something or informing public about some good cause, you want visitors to do something after they have visited your website. Ask visitors to contact you and learn more about your products. Ask them to join your newsletter mailing list. Call them to do what you want them to do, and be precise about it.

Last, but certainly not least: social media integration

You will definitely market your business through social media, so be sure to market your social media trough your business page, too.

Bonus: Content still is and will be the king for some time more

It doesn’t matter how well your website is designed, or how clear is the navigation, if visitors don’t have what to do (what to read and to share it on social networks afterward) on your website, they’ll leave, and probably would never come back again.

If you think there is something that we’ve missed to point out, leave us a comment and share your thoughts.

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  1. This is really useful information as right now trying to develop some website for my clients, now i know what to use and where to use on these projects. Keep on posting such wonderful articles

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