Launching a brand new website is always stressful: you are worried if everything will be in order, does everything work as it should be, would audience like your design and content, will they share it with friends online.

To make your life a bit easier and launching less stressful, we made this short checklist of most important steps that need to be taken before launching:

  1. Double-check if every URL is working, and if external URLs are “target _blank” – you don’t want your visitors to accidentally wander off site.

  2. Double-check if Contact and Mailing list forms are working correctly.

  3. Is Google Analytics code working properly? Nothing worse than launching a website and not knowing how many visitors you’ve had on that special day.

  4. Did you set up all social network handles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare, YouTube, etc.) you want? Don’t leave it for later – someone can register it instead and misuse it.

  5. Make an email list of friends and business contact for launching, and prepare launching newsletter text and design. What would be the landing page, homepage or perhaps a blog post?

  6. Make an email list of important bloggers and media interested in your industry, and send them a wonderful press release (hire someone if you don’t have perfect writing skills!).

Check items from this list several times before you officially pronounce your web location open.
Let us know in comments below if you have just launched your website with some of our WordPress themes – we are always eager to see our work in action!

One thought on “ 6 Steps for Successful Website Launching – Quick Checklist ”

  1. How about:

    Is a XML sitemap available?
    Is the new site accesible for search robots?
    Make sure that any artikel or page has a meta description.
    Redirect old URL’s to the new ones
    Check the error_log files for frequent error messages
    Test your website in all popular browsers
    Does your site offer an helpful 404 error page?

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