When it comes to working within the fashion industry, and running fashion eCommerce website, there’s much to consider. There’s a massive amount of detail that you need to consider. If you are trying to sell yourself and your brand as someone who ‘gets’ aesthetics, you need to show off a website that makes that understood.

Not only does the website have to be visually impressive, but it has to be visually applicable. The site has to look in-line with your fashion brand and themes, as well as be easy to navigate. If you own a fashion eCommerce website and want to make it stand out from the crowd, it might help to look for some inspiration.

In this piece, we’ll show you some inspiring fashion eCommerce sites that you can definitely learn from as time goes on. Each one is easy to navigate, has a topical and well-fitting design and is easy to use for users new and old.

So, what kind of fashion players in the eCommerce industry can you turn to for inspiration? What kind of fashion websites can help you understand eCommerce principles?

A site with impressive visual appeal: MyTheresa.com

A fine starting point for an example of a highly performing, attractive eCommerce site is MyTheresa.com. This awesome site has a very impressive visual appeal. They have a wide range of new clothing arriving every week, with each set giving you clothing from across the world, making it easy to find high-end fashion from across the globe.

The website itself is very attractive; it carries that luxurious, classy look with absolute ease and simplicity. With fast-answering and easy to access customer support, they make sure you can enjoy a much easier shopping experience. With over 200 brands to pick from and over 120 countries served to, this brand has to meet up with a massive amount of demand.

As such, the site is designed to match that demand. From easy and secure online payments to easy filtering, MyTheresa.com is an example of fashion eCommerce website excellence.

Smoothly designed fashion eCommerce website: Nelly.com

Another good choice for getting an example of a good low-end fashion website is Nelly.com. The site is smooth, clean, well-designed and makes it easy to shop through a whopping 850+ brands gathered up from across the world.

The site is very easy to work with; everything is broken down into Top Sellers, New Arrivals and Occasions. This makes it easy for you to look around the shop and see what they have to offer in terms of clothing. It’s a fast-loading site that’s very easy for you to work through.

Its navigation is quality and the theme, layout and looks all match up with the general theme and enterprise of the website itself. If you are looking for a good site that showcases how you can look good without excessive imagery, then this is a good example.

One of the well-know fashion online stores: Shopbop.com

Another good place to start with when you are looking for excellent inspiration and advice for your site is to look at Shopbop. Shopbop combines high-end, formal clothing with subtler, casual styles. This makes it easy for you to find high-quality clothing and basic clothing in one place: a popular option for fashion eCommerce sites. As one of the most commonly used online fashion stores today, it’s got a very impressive website layout that makes it easy for you to find images and examples of the kind of clothing they sell.

It’s all very easy to access, which makes it a good choice for when you are looking for a bit of advice on navigation. It’s not always all about large menus and headers; this shows you the power of using imagery to sell everything. Given you want to build a fashion eCommerce website, this kind of over-the-top, image-heavy style can appeal.

Simply stunning fashion eCommerce website: TheRealReal.com

TheRealReal is a good example of a fashion site that knows how it looks. It’s got very easy to look at a display, with plenty of space on-screen to make it easy for you to look around their collection. It’s got a widely displayed store section, with 360-degree profiling, inventory management control and easy customer activity management analysis in the background.

This makes it a good website layout for inspiration when looking at how to manage both the visual appeal and the management side of things. It’s a very popular site in the industry with good reason!

Artistic yet modern online fashion store: SSense.com

Another site we recommend that you look closer into is SSense. This is a very cool site, combining together a popular blog and a very artistic style. With a very modern style that’s aimed at millennials mostly, the design is very fluid and easy to look at. It’s a very good example of what can be done with an eCommerce site if you are looking for something more based around blogging.

Fashion online store with excellent storytelling: SoniaRykiel.com

This is a good example of a high-quality eCommerce website. SoniaRykiel.com offers a subtle yet stylish design that you should find easy enough to work with. It’s great for an example of how brand promotion can work, with the storytelling done through imagery more than text.

If you are looking for an example of a cool and modern looking website that’s very hip and modern, this would make a fine example.


As you can see above, then, all of the sites offer ample examples of inspiring and stylish looking websites. The options are endless for what you can do with your fashion eCommerce website, of course. One popular starting point, though, is to go with the Millennio WordPress theme. We created this high-quality eCommerce WordPress and made sure it is easy to use, simple to set up and minimalistic enough to be just perfect for fashion eCommerce.

That clean, crisp layout allows your garments to do the talking. If you want to help promote your content better, then you need the right look. Easy to use and effective, this can easily stack up with any of the sites above to give you an inspiring, exciting eCommerce website that absolutely stands out from the crowd.


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