When it comes to running a fashion eCommerce business, you need to be able to use the unique pulling power of email. Email marketing is among the single most powerful tools that you have on your side. Used correctly, this can have an almighty difference in the way that you work, and often plays a critical role in how your business works and operates from a marketing perspective.

However, many businesses struggle to write convincing email marketing content. In a bid to help you with that, we’ve put together a list of three emails that every fashion eCommerce business should be sending. If you are looking to help inspire and excite your readership, you need to have the right means of doing so. Emails have to be one of the best ways to do that; giving you access to content and details that they might miss out on otherwise. Done right, this can make it so much easier for you to put together the kind of content that your members, previous customers and interested parties might want to pick up.

What emails, then, should you be sending out?

A fashion eCommerce business should not create your usual content newsletter

For anyone who is serious about creating more consistent and engaging content, you need to avoid being generic and basic with your content. With e-commerce e-mail address content, you have to be much more specific about how you try to capture their attention.

For one, avoid having to send out a new email letter for every single new product arrival that comes in. It’s better to try and segment and balance out the ‘who’ in terms of who gets each e-mail. That’s very easy to do; it just needs some planning to make it possible.

Start off by separating all of your customers by age and gender, and make up a list of e-mail groups that would fit with particular demographics. For example, a woman in her 30s isn’t going to be interested in the same clothes as a guy in his 20s. The easiest way to set this up is that when people are signing up, ask for some basic details like this kind of information to help build a better idea of who they are and what they are looking for.

Then, create content for each segment of your customer base. This avoids sending guys on your list new content about a sundress and makes sure that your sharply-dressed customers aren’t getting alerts about sales on jogging clothes.

Create content that fits with that kind of person, too. For example, you should spend some time looking at how to show them how to make a DIY outfit for Halloween, a festival etc.

It’s not trying to sell them anything, but it’s not going to annoy them either. It shows that you are a place where people can get more than just attire; they can help to get awesome garments for festivals and themed events, reminding them to check back when they need this kind of stuff.

Abandoned cart emails

Another great email to send out there to your customer base is a notice that they have filled out a shopping cart, but never completed the order itself. If someone visited your website, filled in their carts but never made the purchase then the items are just sitting in their cart, waiting to be used.

You can use an email to remind them of this and make them come back and compete for the investment when ready. With the vast majority of your first-time site viewers leaving without buying anything – although they might have come close – you can coax them back with this. With over two-thirds of fashion-specific buyers abandoning carts prior to purchase, you can go back and have them complete the card with a nice little e-mail reminding them of the mistake.

You have one of the highest chances of any industry in getting someone to come back and complete their purchase. With an automated email and a bit of humor – and maybe a little discount thrown in to entice them to complete the purchase – you can get them to come back and buy it.

Try and send the email within 20 minutes of their exit: this is when they are still deciding over the purchase. A little 5% special discount might just make them take action!

Birthday emails

This is as upper-easy to set up one and a great e-mail to send out from your e-commerce website. If you do this, it shows that:

  • You care about the customer and that you pay attention to what they are buying.
  • Give them a chance to use their optimistic mood to make a little purchase for themselves.
  • You are happy to give out discounts – add in a nice little option to help them get even more value.

If you happen to pick some nice, flattering imagery to use as well it can make it feel even more personable. Throw in a little extra: free shipping, a mystery coupon, a specific price sum money off or anything that you can think of. Just try and offer some kind of value in the post.

It adds a touch of personalization to their dealings with you and is sure to create a very positive, optimistic business image.

Conclusion: Every fashion eCommerce business should put effort into email marketing

If you are happy to put this much effort into your email address marketing, then you need a design that makes it easy to capture the details needed to make this strategy work. To start off with, we recommend that you look at the Millennio e-commerce WordPress theme. It’s a fine design that is easy to set up, and can easily be adjusted for lead and email capture.

This makes it easy to entice people to your site with an attractive page layout while making sure you can easily capture their details and make this kind of email marketing as effective as possible.

By making sure you have an attractive fashion eCommerce business and website, you remove much of the challenges involved in setting up a high-quality fashion e-commerce website.

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