When it comes to running a travel blog, you have many different objectives that you likely want to try and overcome. To help you do that, it’s important that you run your blog like a travel diary. This means, being ready to vigorously snap and collect large collections of imagery across the board. It also means being ready to have the right equipment with you at all times to snap the best shots at the correct moments. The power of a good travel blog is all in the timing – so with that in mind, what kind of travel bag essentials, basic tech gear, should you be investing in if you want to run the best travel blog?


The first thing on the Basic tech gear list is a good camera, of course. A quality camera is needed because you want to snap high-quality images as you go. Better photos mean that more people will click on your content, making it much more likely that you can make a positive living from your travel blog. Travel photography is so popular today that you can make a travel diary following all manner of projects and ideas. To help you do that, we recommend that you start off by picking up a high-quality camera.

  • For example, a point and shoot camera are good for those who have minimal photography experience. It does a lot of the work for you and is nice and portable, but tends to be quite limited in the scope of quality provided.
  • DSLR cameras are very popular, too, and tend to give you all the help that you need to modify things like lenses, flashes, filters and more to help get the perfect shot.
  • Action cameras are a good fit, too, and is great for capturing major natural landscape shots like weather, water and more. Great for basic controls, too, giving you a powerful camera that does not feel too overbearing.
  • Bridge cameras are a popular choice as they give you a combination of the DSLR and the normal point and shoot model. A good halfway house if you are looking for one.
  • Lastly, a mirrorless camera is a good pick for those who want something quite small that offers you a similar capacity to a DSLR without the same size or bulk annoying you.

As ever, look to invest in good accessories for your camera as well. A good travel bag, a tripod, and a high-volume memory card are just the starting points for great camera add-ons you’ll need.

The phone

Another must-have for any travel blog owner is a good, high-quality phone. Sometimes, the opportunity for a snap does not lend itself to getting the camera out – so invest in a quality smartphone with good recording and camera snapping qualities on it. It can double as an affordable camera for those first few months and is essential for good quality management overall.

For example, your phone will play a big role in helping you to reach new destinations to get quality snaps from as you go. It also allows you to better convert currency so if you are abroad you can better manage your money as you would need to. It also offers everything from translation tools to itinerary trackers through to an on-the-go encyclopedia to help you add authoritative facts to any awesome images you might have happened to have snapped on the go.


Another must-have basic tech gear in that travel back of yours is going to be a laptop. Whether you work online freelancing or you just want to have a powerful editing suite with you on the go, a laptop is something that you would be very foolish to go without. Get a laptop and you can find it is simple to optimize photos, to help create your blog content and to manage your general travel blog on the go.

While a good laptop will set you back close to $1000 – probably more in many cases – it is still a very good place to start for a high-quality design. You can save money on cheaper website hosting for your blog, too, by buying from the right places.

Also, good quality website designs are very affordable if you know where to look – turn to the Ruta WordPress theme and you will notice a huge improvement in your general investment in your blog. Save money on the smaller things to help invest in the big expenses like a laptop – you won’t regret making that choice.

Power adapters and portable chargers

Make sure you bring a plug adapter as you might find that your adapter does not fit the nation that you are visiting. Nothing hurts more than seeing an amazing, money-making snap escape you because your battery dies mid-shot. Make sure you have a power adapter with you that you can use to keep everything powered up. Use this and you will be far more likely to see that your adapter can make you money by making sure you never need to run short mid-snap.

Also, invest in a high-quality portable charger for those long journeys or for areas where you might have problems getting power availability. This is very important for making sure that, for example, a shot out in the wilds does not need to end prematurely due to a flashing power sign.


Lastly, you should look to invest in good storage. Some USB flash drives clearly marked for each project is a good starting point, as is an external hard drive. We also recommend setting up a Cloud service online that you can use – Google Drive, for example – if you are in a location that allows for a strong enough internet connection for uploading.

Overall, it has to be managed correctly – make sure you do so, as it can play a critical role in how you go about planning and arranging the entire experience and managing it accordingly. With the right tools (from this Basic tech gear list), you can make sure that your travel blog is far more equipped for lasting, long-term success.

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