We continue to create block-based WordPress themes, and Nokul is the newest theme in our vault.

Nokul is a contemporary WP theme built for bakeries and pastry shops that want to take their business to the next level. Here’s everything you need to know about this soft, yet functionality-filled theme.

How did Nokul get its name?

When designing the theme, we knew we wanted it to be soft, creamy, as the lightest mascarpone in a tiramisù, but to have the strength of a cognac that gives tiramisù that unique flavor. We wanted it to be a theme that’s easy to use yet rich with functionality. A theme that will help you reach your business goals and beat the competition in no time.

That’s when we remember the Turkish dessert ‘nokul’. Nokul could be made in two different ways: with meat (the salty option) and walnut or raisins (the sweet option). If you choose to make it sweet, the pastry is soft and delicious and goes well with tea. So, we thought it’s the perfect name for our next theme, as the theme can be used in many different ways; you can make it salty or sweet, just as you like it. 🙂

What makes Nokul so unique?

The theme comes with many outstanding features. Some of them are:

Block theme. Nokul is a part of our block WordPress themes collection, as it gives you a single interface in which you can add and edit website elements一all that within the Gutenberg blocks.

Conversion-focused homepage. The theme’s homepage allows you to present the vision behind your brand and all your products effortlessly; it is filled with enough space for you to add product images, allowing site visitors to see what they can get from you immediately.

Minimal Shop page. The products on the Shop page are placed in four columns, and you can add many products you would like.

Beautiful Blog page. This page is designed to help you present all the ideas behind the making process of your products, as well as the latest news and your company’s milestones.

Stunning About page. The page is minimal in design but leaves enough room to share your bakery’s/pastry’s mission and vision and just how dedicated you are to creating and delivering excellence to your customers.

Inviting Contact page. Not only are your customers able to see how they can contact you, but they can also see where your products are also available, like at markets, festivals, etc.

If you wish to see Nokul in action, with all its beautiful features, check out the Nokul demo. The demo will show you just how well the theme performs and give you an idea of what you can change within the theme to make it work perfectly for your business.

How can I get Nokul?

You can purchase Nokul as a theme separately or choose the ‘Hosting included’ option, in which you get the theme and Themes Kingdom hosting. If you don’t want to spend time searching for the right hosting provider, we suggest you choose the ‘Hosting included’ option, as you can test the theme and site hosting for 14 days; no payment needed.

Also, we want to celebrate the launch of our newest theme. You can get Nokul 50% off if you use the code NOKUL50. The code is valid until November 18, 2022. Click the button below to add Nokul to your cart!

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