Yaay! It’s our 7th birthday!

Can you believe how far we’ve come? Neither can we.

To celebrate this birthday and 2018 for that matter, let’s take a look at what happened in the past 12 months.

A surprise for International Women’s Day

This year started pretty amazingly, and we were on full speed developing themes. All that hard work paid off in March (on International Women’s Day) when we released Eris Shop, an e-commerce version of our best selling theme. This sleek layout with a fantastic slider, a closed cart, and over 800 fonts is the perfect choice for your next e-commerce shop.

Another e-commerce theme

Since Eris Shop was such a huge success, we thought to ourselves Why don’t we surprise our visitors with another theme?

So, we got down to it in April, and by the end of May, Millennio was released.

If you take a look at Millennio, you’ll see that this theme is also built for e-commerce shops. Although Eris Shop was more than enough, we wanted to give you a white canvas for you to play around even more. That is why Millennio consists of blocks which are, as we mentioned, like LEGO Bricks for your website. Additionally, there are two shop layouts and the Max Mega Menu plugin that adjusts your menu quickly and offers several different menu styles. The best of all? It has a MailChimp Newsletter Modal so your visitors can subscribe with just one click.

Summertime happiness

There was no summertime sadness in Themes Kingdom!

After Millennio the plan was to take a little break. Instead, we couldn’t resist launching another theme, so we decided to release another one in the fall. And that’s how Prim was born.

Prim was launched on October 9, and we were more than excited to present it to you. Unlike the previous two, this theme is a blog or a magazine theme which uses Elements 一 building blocks for creating a homepage. We knew how important it was for a blogger be able to choose his/her own way to present post archive, so we decided to include not two but three options. Also, one menu style just didn’t seem like enough, so we made four. And the best part? This theme is Gutenberg-ready.

Looking forward to what’s to come

Writing this text reminded us just how proud we are of all the accomplishments we made.

So, what awaits us around the corner? Well, as you know, WordPress 5.0 is out and with that Gutenberg, as well. Our next step is to update all the themes and to make sure that there are no broken layouts (God forbid!).

But, that’s not all folks!

Sure, January is in the middle of the holiday season, and we want to spend time with our families, but that doesn’t mean we are going to procrastinate. In fact, we already have a new theme up in our sleeves and let us tell you 一 it is going to be a magnificent one.👌 You can expect this surprise, most likely, in February next year so be sure to stay tuned.

Is that… a discount code?

As we mentioned in the title, we want you to celebrate this birthday with us, so we have a present for you. We got you the fantastic 50% off. Just use the code “bday750” at checkout and save 50% on every WordPress theme you purchase until December 31.

Enjoy using your new theme!

You know we love you,

Themes Kingdom team

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