Add video to your website! Hoorah!

We’ve been busy churning out new updates for Coup and Coup Shop. What’s new: you can now (finally) set a full-width video in Coup/Coup Shop. Grab one from YouTube or upload your own. This feature is available right now – download the fresh bits from your Themes Kingdom account, or update your theme within WordPress.

No video? No problem. You can always fall back to a still image.

Like text? No problem. Add a text overlay to your video.

By using a video background, you can increase conversions, improve your website’s engagement, and boost sales. There’s been a lot of case studies that support this. Be mindful of the added bandwidth costs (unless you’re linking from YouTube), and be sure to ask yourself – do I really need a video background and why should I use one – before committing to it. Because video backgrounds are both great for people with fast internet, and troublesome for those with slow connections.

If you’re using CoupLite you can instantly upgrade to Coup or Coup Shop and get this gorgeous video header.

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