We at bbbrick agency love to build things 一 that’s simply in our nature. We are continually developing new solutions and innovations to help our users create websites as quickly and painlessly as possible.

After four years of developing and perfecting our newest solution, the time has come to present to you that product. The product in question is TKMANAGED, a quick WordPress site creation system, which contains installed Themes Kingdom WordPress themes (themes that we developed).

How was the idea of creating such a system born?

The idea was born when we started recognizing the needs of the Themes Kingdom users. After a number of messages delivered to our Inbox, we realized that users don’t just need help with choosing the right WordPress theme for their websites, but also need assistance with finding the right hosting provider and domain name registration.

Themes Kingdom users' emails

How did the initial stage of creating the TKMANAGED system look?

Although we were pretty sure that Themes Kingdom customers could use a system that can speed up and ease the process of creating WordPress sites, we wanted to be 100% sure of it. The beginning phase of building the TKMANAGED system consisted of two steps: developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and testing that MVP.

How did the processes of developing and testing an MVP go?

The first steps of creating an MVP were to manually create WordPress websites on DigitalOcean droplets (droplets on a cloud platform used for website hosting), install the WP themes, and import content into those themes. The goal of creating such MVP was to build sites that will look exactly like the demos of the Themes Kingdom themes (that users had a chance to see and test before purchasing the themes). A thing to note is that the users were able to change the demos’ content and adjust the demos completely to their needs and the needs of their businesses.

Once we were done creating sites on droplets, the testing phase officially began. Pretty early in the testing phase, we reached a number of 100 users. Reaching that number was a confirmation we needed 一 Themes Kingdom users truly wanted a system that can help them create WordPress websites fast.

Although we confirmed our hypothesis, and we were pretty happy about it, the initial happiness didn’t last that long, as we came across a huge problem.

The issue was that all the sites located on DigitalOcean droplets required our maintenance. We knew that providing such support would take a lot of our time. We realized that the best option is to create a fully automated system that won’t require our help to support the system.

So, we had two options. The first option was to choose a hosting company to partner with, which we would recommend to Themes Kingdom users whenever they ask for a reliable hosting provider. The second option was to build a system that will allow customers to make WordPress sites and set everything up in no-time. Since we wanted to give our users the best customer experience possible, we decided to create our own system from scratch.

And we have successfully completed the project.

How is TKMANAGED exactly built?

The main question that popped up as soon as we decided to build the system from the ground up was whether we should form our team that would work full-time on creating the system or partner with a team that would give us a hand. After careful planning and thorough cost calculation, we decided to partner with a super cool team (that is located in our hometown) 一 LambdaWorks. Our team worked on the design and front-end development of the system, while the Lambdaworks team took care of the AWS architecture and end-user application.

Which features does TKMANAGED bring to the table?

Here are some of the features TKMANAGED comes with:
– Quick WordPress site installation and hosting setup (in less than 3 minutes!), using the selected WordPress theme and demo content.
– Free use of any Themes Kingdom theme.
– Server cache, which speeds up the website and decreases page load time.
– Auto-scaling, set up to meet the website’s traffic needs and unexpected spikes in customer traffic.
– Automatic repair, in case an issue occurs.
– Maximum website security.
– Free SSL certificate.
– Daily back-up creation (automatically).
– Back-up creation (manually).

When will TKMANAGED system be available?

The TKMANAGED system will see the light of day in December 2020. The testing phase will begin in November 2020, and the official launch date is December 1, 2020.

If you want to check out how the system currently works, just subscribe to this email list, and we’ll send you the invitation and allow you access to the system. Testing the system in this beta phase is completely free.

Additionally, if you are interested in learning about what took to make TKAMANGED, subscribe to this email list, and we’ll email you information on all the processes we had to go through as a creative agency to create this product (product designing, marketing, financing product development and launch, etc.). Keep in mind that we will also dedicate a series of blog posts to developing this product and publish it on Themeskingdom.com.

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