For anyone who is looking to help advertise their business, one of the most common and proven solutions is to create a magazine. However, the main question that you might have is what works better for you in terms of digital vs. print? Should you go for a classic magazine, or go for something a bit more modern in the shape of an online magazine?

We recommend you create an online magazine, in truth. More affordable, versatile and easy to deliver to people – and much easier to make a profit from – online magazine usage is by far and away the perfect place for you to start. Still, making a good one is quite tough – so if you are unsure if you should really be extending the effort to build one, here’s five reasons why.

Reason #1 – Understanding customers

Most of the time print magazines will rely only on the information that is printed, not really paying attention to who is reading the publication. It’s much harder to be personal – and personable – when writing a magazine of this type.

With an online magazine, though, analytics are far more readily available. From reading times to scroll depth, video plays to social shares you can see exactly where people are reading up to in your content – and when they are turning to something else instead.

This makes it easier for you to be more on-point about what works and what does not in a magazine format. You will know exactly what topics people will find intriguing by using analysis, so you can easily fine-tune to make everything from content selection to e-mail marketing easier to put in place.

Reason #2 – Smart publishing

One of the main reasons why many people do not bother with going with a print magazine – and one of the reasons why digital vs. print usually is a win for the latter – is publishing times. If you want to get a print magazine printed out, then the costs attached with doing so can be quite off-putting. Also, it takes a lot of time to get it readied, printed and then distributed across the world.

With an online magazine, you can get it ready to go in a much quicker way; you can then make sure that readers are getting information when it is relevant and topical. Printing a magazine can take days, even weeks – this can take hours.

It’s also very easy to update and edit information; you can’t go to everyone who bought a copy and edit their print edition. You can, though, update and amend the e-edition without too much hassle or stress whatsoever.

Best of all, you can then make sure that they are getting the information no matter where they are. If someone moves house then their old publication might never reach them again: if it’s an e-edition, they need only download it from the site or get it from their e-mail regardless of location.

Reason #3 – Prime interaction

One of the best parts of running your own online magazine is the fact that it allows you to easily interact with your readership more. Interaction is a major part of the debate about digital vs print, and interaction is much better when done through a magazine, for sure.

Besides the fact that written content can be produced in the same way on both print and digital, digital content can produce far more quality. You can offer links to other content, media, links to other articles, videos and much more. You could not do that in print media; in short, it’s much easier to back up and prove a point this way.

Readers can also participate in the survey to help you fill in more applications and get better feedback from the readership. This allows for you to engage with people, take in more responses and just generally improve the quality of discourse that surrounds your business. The net win here is that readers might stick around for longer, and share you on social media. For that reason, going digital makes sense.

Reason #4 – Responsive design

Another key reason for using online magazines over an outdated print module is quite simple: they are friendly with more than one style of device. People can read it on their PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet without any issue whatsoever. This allows for you to give people easy and effective access to the content on devices they tend to have on them anyway.

Rather than trying to find space in their bag for a large printed manual, you can give them something that only takes up a few KBs on their smartphone, PC or tablet device.

Reason #5 – Effective advertising

Lastly, another reason that such a magazine makes so much sense is that it allows you to have more metrics to work with. You can then target your desired market with greater accuracy, allowing you to make sure that you are giving people information that they can enjoy learning from and taking in. Also, you should take advantage of being able to make interactive and engaging ads using video, animations etc.

When it comes to a design and functionality of your online magazine, you’ll be all set up with the Collecto WordPress theme or Prim.

This makes it much easier, too, for you to work with people to show them why being part of your magazine makes so much sense in the long run. This can be a hugely profitable way to really spice up your earning potential!

Making the choice

So, now that you know why going for an online magazine makes so much sense, are you still unsure about where to go with regards to digital vs. print? Now, that should be a much clearer debate for you to go through.

The choice is pretty clear; you just need to make that choice. Make sure that you take a look at both avenues. Nine times out of ten, though, digital is the best option for those who are looking to make a cost-effective and very powerful piece of content that can really attract attention for all the right reasons.

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