Automattic, the people people behind, WooCommerce,  and more, recently won the rights to the .blog domain last year. It wasn’t cheap, either: they spent about $19 million to secure the domain. Hopefully, people will be interested enough to buy .blog web addresses to offset the price.

This is a pretty big deal because there are too many blogs to count on the internet. We love sharing our thoughts and ideas with the world – or at least with those who are willing to listen. While Facebook took blogging to a new, easy-to-chew level with posts, there’s still a home and a plce for the venerable blog website. In fact, tried to create a home for lengthy articles, where authors can interact with other authors more easily. But the trouble with Medium is the question: who owns the content posted there?

With a .blog website you’re in complete control, and also have a cool-sounding website.

If you’d like to register a new website that ends in .blog, you’re going to have to dish out $30 for the registration fee, and a $220 application fee so that your case will be considered earlier than general availability. Don’t worry though, if you don’t get the domain you wanted you’ll get a refund. Domains with .blog are already pretty hectic; goes for $100.000, punches at $5,000.

Right now, trademark holders have the first say in registering their domains. If you were hoping of snatching up or, think again.

Early applications are open right now, and end  on 9 November. Public availability hits on 21 November for $30.

Preorder your .blog website at

Tl:dr version:

What is the .BLOG domain extension?

It’s a new generic top-level domain (gTLD). It’s going to be made available by ICANN as a new option along with the existing .COM, .NET or .ORG suffixes (and many more!) for websites.

When can I buy a .BLOG web address?

.blog domains will be available for the general public on November 21, 2016.

How much will it cost?

$30 for the registration fee +a $220 early application fee. Not all addresses are priced equally.

Where can I buy a .blog website address?

Preorder your .blog website at

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