We’ve been slaving away at a bunch of new stuff.

In fact, we’ve been working hard so much that we kind of forgot to post anything about it. This post is here to change EVERYTHING… about that. Let’s dig in, there’s a lot to go over:

1. New website
2. 2x New themes
3. Reconstruction of existing themes
4. Themes Kingdom’s themes – managed

First up, we’re giddy with delight because the new Themes Kingdom site will be finished soon. The complete redesign of the website has been a long time coming; some of us can barely wait to show it to you guys.

Secondly, there are two new themes in the works. One’s for e-commerce businesses who need an elegant yet crisp shopping theme. It looks great, behaves well, responds to any screen. There’s just a few bugs left to iron out and it’ll be ready for prime time.

The second theme is a pretty narcissistic affair: a blogging theme. It’s perfect for anyone who isn’t a fan of giving their content to publishing platforms. The theme will do a remarkable job of displaying your every poetically written word or any beautifully composed photo.

The other big news is that all our existing themes will be reconstructed from the ground up. That’s a fancy way of saying they’re going to be updated to look more modern and sleek. They’ll also have dramatically less bugs as we’ve been working hard to purge any kinks in code. Speaking of which, all themes have had their code base refreshed and cleaned up.

Finally, we’ve been thinking about theme management. Wouldn’t it be great if all the hassle of setting up hosts/servers could be done in just two clicks? That’d be great, yeah. So we set out to build Themes Kingdom Managed – a hosting solution that’ll keep your WordPress + TK Theme neat, tidy, and secure. It’s hands down the easiest and fastest way to get any TK theme up and running.

Expect this wave of new stuff and updates sometime in November.

In the meantime, here’s a bunch of fantastic breakfast recipes to keep you going ‘till November.

4 thoughts on “ Notes on the current events at Themes Kingdom ”

  1. Hi, in this giant reconstruction, will the new versions be WPML compatible like you somhow promised some month ago ? That would be a great news!

    1. Hello,

      At this moment we are focused on new themes and new website launch. Making all themes compatible with WPML is postponed, until we release new themes and the website.
      But by the end of year, our most popular themes like Huntt, Eveny, Solar, Section and other will be tweaked to match WPML requisites.

      Thank you,
      – Djordje

  2. Hi,

    what is the big change for the themes reconstruction?
    Do you change anything? Using some kind of third party framework? MVC?
    Right now I’m very happy how you guys build the themes even if there are some bugs / problems. Since your code is very easy to understand, I can fix problems very quickly.

    regards Olaf

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