When anyone goes to start a blog, they usually feel super confident. It’s a cool idea, right? Getting to tell the world about yourself. In a lifestyle blog, too, you are literally talking about things that you love doing in life. From fashion to football to food to fitness (there’s more than that, of course) you can write about the things you are most energized by. That means, though, that when you sit down you’ll feel super-confident until it hits you. You now have to learn how to write About Me page.

These are by far and away the hardest thing to read, particularly for someone who is trying to start a blog for the first time. The best ones read ‘Expert in X for Y years, blogger since 2000X’ etc. – the ones that make you think ‘wow, this person knows their stuff!’

A first-time blogger or self-perceived ‘non-expert’ then, will freeze. “What do I say!?” they’ll repeat in their minds time after time. It’s a hard place to be, and if you are reading this after trying to start a blog then you know the feeling. It’s not easy to write About me page.

However, it’s time to end that feeling. It turns out that once you know how to write About Me page for your blog, you can do it all the time without issue. It’s about many things, but mostly about losing any kind of ego. You are trying to promote yourself, yet many people feel nervous about trying to talk about themselves in a positive manner.

Would you be so downbeat going for a job? No, you wouldn’t!

Your About Me page is your CV to any potential reader, so how do we make it fantastic?

How to write About me page content and what makes a good About me page?

So, what actually matters? For one, it has to brief. It’s not an autobiography, so you have to be quite quick and simple with the opinions that you are expressing at any given point. Leave out your blood type and the fact you love long walks on the beach, leave that for the blog itself!

Focus on the reader, too. Again, treat it like a CV. Make the reader see why they should stick around and why they should read it in the first place. Easier said than done, yes, but it’s a very effective tactic for making a blog that is going to be a successful one. Make sure you spend more time talking about what the reader will find, now what you write – same thing, different interpretation.

Also, you need to make it look good. It’s part of your blog, and it should look as good as the rest of the blog. Now, creating a blog design is very hard, and buying one outright might not be in your means today. So, instead, invest some time in installing and downloading the Limpia WordPress theme, and follow this step-by-step guide.

Now what?

You get to writing. Here’s how to write About me page content site visitors will actually read:

Paragraph #1: The greeting

The first paragraph of your about us page, then, is like the opening to a speech. If it is not good, then you can struggle to win back the room and thus it might be hard to make the speech worth hearing – or in this case, the blog worth reading.

So, start off by making it a warm, friendly greeting with a very brief 2-3 sentence understanding of what the blog is about. Let them know what kind of content they will be getting here, and why they should bother reading the content.

If you are presenting this as your own lifestyle blog, which you should be, then get a photo of yourself. Preferably one of you doing whatever your blog is about. From you dong a Rocky run up some steps to promote your fitness blog to you standing at the steps of your favorite football stadium for a sports/travel blog, use this to really help sell the blog.

So, the first paragraph is your “Hey! How you doing?” moment where you briefly introduce who you are and why you are interesting, followed by a good headshot or non-selfie photo of you in the act of what your lifestyle blog is about.

Then what?

Paragraph #2: Your background

Now, paragraph two would typically be the point where we suggest that you let your personality come to the fore. If they are reading here, they must have found you engaging enough in the first paragraph, so let’s butter them up a little!

Tell them who you are – basically, what makes you worth listening to? If you are writing a sports lifestyle blog, what makes you more than just an armchair coach? If you are writing about fashion, what means you have an eye for a good look?

Basically, this is all about justifying what makes you worth hearing. Write About me page content that shows people what makes you so passionate, too: what makes you so inspired to not only like a subject, but write about it for a living or in your spare time?

Lastly, try and get a few testimonials on there from what customers, colleagues or people you can link to with credibility said about you. Having a quote from ‘Big Joe’ won’t really help you – having a quote from a professional or another blogger, though, might.

The Opt-in section

The next part of your story should be a little opt-in section. Up until now, we have sold them a bit about who you are and why they should be reading the blog followed up with a cool photo of you. Then, we explained what makes you the guy/girl to listen to this particular topic, and what makes you a little bit more than just an average person shouting from the sidelines. And even if you are, what makes you worth hearing?

If they are still on-page, they probably like what they are hearing. So now, add in a little opt-in section – basically, a point to let them know that if they like what they hear/read/see, they can get more from you on a regular basis in exchange for their e-mail address.

This helps you to build up both interest in what you have to say, an easy way to cultivate those vital relationships with reasons and also a great way to gauge how people feel about your About me page.

Paragraph #3: The problem and solution

So, we have reached a stage whereby the reader is now learning about you and what makes you tick. Sometimes, the form might even be signed and they could already be bought in. For the skeptics and less easily convinced, though, you have to show them that you:

  • Understand the problem that they are facing and that brought them here.
  • Can help them solve that problem with a solution that they can put into practice.

Now, that is no easy feat. It’s nothing of the sort. However, you do have to know when you started your blog what the main problem you want to solve is. What do you want to help people with, basically? If you cannot answer that, you might not be ready to start a blog.

Now, you need to state how you actually are going to help them solve the problem in question. Basically show them that if they stick with you on the journey as part of your blog readership, that they will eventually get a solution to their problem.

The beauty of the lifestyle blog is that can be everything from helping them handle anxiety to helping them learn how to buy better shoes. The world is your oyster – whatever you are capable of genuinely helping people with is the solution you can deliver.

Try and add some more images if you can here, too. We also recommend you maybe add a little “behind the scenes” video of you at work. A few before/after photos if you have them, or just photos of you looking nice and happy with family and friends can be a good starting point. Choose wisely, though, regarding the photos!

You know how formal/informal you wanna be, so make it relatable to you as a person if nothing else.

Paragraph #4: The personal touch

One of the best things that you can do when you decide to write About me page is to be a touch more personal (and personable) with the reader. This is quite a tough one to pull off, but it is very important to do so. It’s why your blog should always be yours; when you start a blog, you are selling your story. Your own battle with problems, and your own solutions. That’s why you are here and it is likely why, even on the most miniscule level, people turn up to read what you have to say in the first place.

So, add in a few facts about yourself – you the person. Tell them about how you got to this stage in life, what you like doing with yourself, that kind of thing. Keep it away from the main topic of the blog, if you can. Show them that you are more than just the dedicated pro from the blog; show them you know how to have other engagements in life, too.

Why does this matter? Why should you be looking to give your readers so much insight? Didn’t we say this isn’t a biography?

Now, it’s a bit different. Getting this far on the page shows they care. They won’t be drawn in by reading about you, but when they realize you are passionate professional and someway qualified to help them out, things can improve for you quite rapidly in terms of their personal interest in you.

So, use that to your interest. Creating that connection with the reader now they have made a commitment to read on can be the final move you need to convince them to click on the last, most important, part of your About Me page…

The call to action

Like any good page, this will end with a call to action; something to spur the reader from just reading to doing. You have asked them to read about you and see first-hand how and why you can help them. Now, you have to take that all-important next step to really improve things as you had previously imagined.

Focus on a single call to action here, whether it is a call to join up with the subscription (not recommended if already done above) or to ask them to follow you on social media to get updates and announcements etc. If your blog is product-built, you could always add it to the About Me page when it is on promotion or discount.

Add the very bottom of the blog give them a little list of your popular posts if you are blogging for a while or other sites they can find your work: other blogs you post on, social channels, publications etc. – anything to keep them reading and retaining an interest in you and what you have to say.


Alright, so now that you know how to write About Me page content, you should try and put it into practice. Don’t keep putting it off; get involved with the writing tonight. You now have a blog that sounds very good, and an About Me piece that sells you as the honest, optimistic and well-to-do passionate person you are.

You are selling your experience and your commitment to making your lifestyle blog as successful as possible. Now that you can get over this hurdle that was holding you back, you can begin your blog in earnest!

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