Everyone knows an old proverb that says a picture is worth a thousand words. So if you are a photographer yourself, you might think that your flawless work is more than enough to send the right message to the website visitors. But is it really like that?

Should you avoid writing content for photography website even if your work is absolutely perfect?

Why quality photography website content is a must?

We have no doubt that your work is absolutely brilliant. Images are vibrant, they make those who look at them start thinking about the hidden message that you convey and are perhaps provocative in a way. However, when visitors come to your website, they don’t want to just look at the photos. They want to know where they were taken, when did you take them and what inspired you to capture that exact moment.

So to put it simply – it is not enough to just have your work displayed on the website. You have to tell a story about yourself, your brand, your art. You have to write down the whole process if you want to make your website visitors remember you.

But before you start typing everything that comes to your mind about your work, pause for a second. There are several things that you should take into consideration if you want to write content for your photography website the right way, so here they are:

Think about your brand

You probably spent quite a few years working on your brand as a photographer. From the style of the photos you take to the way you edit them – you have been building your brand from the very first moment you decided to make photography your career. And this is exactly the reason why you should take into consideration everything you’ve been doing so far before you create content for your website.

For example, if your photos are minimal, clean and sleek in a way, perhaps even black and white, your content should be exactly the same. There is no need to go overboard with the content, just write down everything you think is necessary for your visitors to know – nothing more, nothing less. And if you feel like you want to tell a more detailed story, use your blog to do it. There is no need to put everything in one place.

Think about the visitors

This is a great way to see how many different types of content you will need. From homepage content to contact page and blog – think how visitors will see your website. Will they want to read more about your work? Will they want a simple contact form? The possibilities are limitless, so do a bit of research before you decide on the exact number of pages you need to create. (You can take a look at your competition for a bit of inspiration, promise we won’t tell!)

Now that you have decided on the number of pages you want to create content for, it is time to sit down and actually write it. We prepared a list of pages the vast majority of photography website has, so feel free to add more pages or leave out some of them if you don’t need them.

Homepage content

Homepage content is perhaps the most important piece of content you can write. It should clearly communicate your photography world and your style. You can even think about it as some sort of a gate or front door. It should welcome visitors and invite them to further investigate your website.

The rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t overcrowd it with too much content. Just make sure that you write down who you are, what you do and where do you work (if you are a location-based photographer).

Let’s say that you are a wedding photographer based in San Francisco. On your homepage you can say something like: Hey there, welcome to the world of John Smith, a wedding photographer based in San Francisco. Not only will your visitors know exactly who you are and what you do, but they will also know where you work. Also, you invited them to explore further your work, which is essentially a great Call-To-Action (CTA).

About me content

This page is the right place to write down everything you want to say about yourself. From highlighting your photography beginnings to what you enjoy doing in your spare time – it is completely up to you. Just don’t go overboard with too much content, there is no need to write everything down from the moment you were born. Use common sense and write only relevant info that is directly connected with photography. We already wrote down a couple of tips on creating the perfect about me page, so feel free to check that out if you need any additional help.


If you think that there is no need to write anything about the projects you put in your portfolio, you couldn’t be more wrong. Just as we mentioned before, people want to know more about the projects you completed. You can mention who you worked for, the location of the photoshoot, and even why you included that specific project in your portfolio. You can play around with the length and information you want to include until you find the perfect formula that works for you!

However, it goes without saying that there is no need to put too much content in this section. Try to keep it short and sweet without adding too much info. Only in this way will you avoid having a cluttered portfolio page.


Last (but definitely not the least important) page you should pay attention to is your contact page. Because this is a page that your visitors will use to get in touch with you, hire you or inquire about bookings, it has to be absolutely flawless.

Now, before we go into details about the content and the design of the contact page itself, we want to mention something that seems to be overlooked quite often. It is not enough to just have a contact page in the main menu – it is necessary to make it as accessible as possible. So our tip would be to put it in the footer, as well, so that people can access it rather quickly.

When you think about the contact page design and the content it should contain, you are probably thinking that it should be as simple as possible. Well, you are not wrong! It should be simple, sleek and clean. It should contain your contact info: the name of your photography studio, address, phone number, email address. If you put these pieces of information, you should be good to go.

But if you would like to stand out just a bit more and to make it even easier for clients to contact you (we are sure that you want to get as many clients as possible), you should definitely create a simple contact form that visitors can fill. This way you will be sure that it is not too much trouble for visitors to find a way to contact you because they will have several options to choose from. 

Are you ready to create photography website content?

Now that you have all the necessary info on how to write amazing content for photography website, get down to business. If you already have a website, find out where you can include additional content or where you should delete some parts of it. If you are just starting out, you should choose a WordPress theme and then start writing to make your life easier. This way you will know exactly how much content you need for each page.

Tell us, what are your tips on writing quality content for photography websites? We look forward to reading your comments!

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