When going on a travel trip, one of the most important parts of the process stems from proper packing. Here are some useful packing tips to make sure that your preparation for blogging can be as studious as possible.

Minimize clothing

One of the major mistakes that a lot of people make when going on a travel experience for their blog is treating it like a holiday. You need to bring as much equipment with you as you need, so make room by reducing your clothing volume. Wash and manage a small handful of outfits instead – if there is a laundry service where you will be going then this will not be a problem whatsoever.

You can even just wash your clothing in the sink if you need to it’s all about making sure you can have as much space as possible and with a big clothing care on-the-go you can reduce the need for almost half the amount of clothing that you might bring with you.

Make sure you pack as much light material as you can; synthetics instead of cotton, for example, to minimize the weight and the volume of space taken up when you travel. It’s a very useful solution: one that is going to make it very easy indeed to reduce the amount of space taken up when travelling.

Also, roll up clothing instead of folding it: space this saves you is remarkable!

Reduce material usage

Instead of bringing all of those maps, magazines and books, go electronic instead. You can get just about any directions you might need on a smartphone, read just about any book or magazine in eBook format and just find a lot of more electronic uses for previously material items.

One of the packing tips you need to remember is that you don’t need to bring so much stuff with you when you travel. Replacing all of your travel guides, maps, books, magazines and general material goods with an electronic version should be common sense. It will vastly reduce the amount of space wasted when you are packing for travel blogging.

Ignore toiletries

Without ever making it sound like we want you to smell when you are away, you can feel pretty safe leaving behind the need to bring any toiletries with you. Not only are they very heavy and bulky in a suitcase, but they tend to be too easy to damage. If they leak in your suitcase it could cause you an absolute nightmare with clothing or equipment being ruined.

Instead, buy the mini versions when you are on holiday in the venue: you can find all of the toiletries that you need in just about any part of the civilized world. You need to be prepared to spend a little money on disposables over there to help avoid taking too much with you or bringing too much back.

Also, you can easily bring one or two absolute essentials in tiny travel bags instead of trying to stuff it all in. If you use a very specific kind of shampoo, for example, bring a tiny amount with you – but be very minimalistic with the number of toiletries that you are using.

Bring every piece of equipment

This is one of the most essential packing tips.

The last thing you need, though, is finding that you have arrived at your destination without some of your vital equipment. To know how to pack a suitcase properly, you need to bring every piece of equipment first and foremost. It is not practical to buy equipment on the go for financial and logistical reasons, so make sure you bring everything from your camera to its accessories. Make sure that you bring the following:

  • Camera – needed for snapping all of your photos, the main reason you are even on this trip is to snap some high-quality photos so make sure you never leave your camera behind. Your camera is essential if you forget that you may as well book a flight back home and come back!
  • Phone – the phone is just as important, too it can be your quick solution for snapping a shot on the go or without time to get the camera out. Most importantly, it can play a major role in making sure you are able to better navigate and stay safe when you are out and about. From translating information on a sign to calling for help, be sure to bring your phone with you.
  • Laptop – another vital part of the puzzle, if you have your laptop then you are in a good spot. It’s good to make sure you can get your posts put up nice and easily and ensures that you can have your laptop with you to write new content or just to edit photos while you are on the move. Just remember to invest in a good WordPress theme for your blog like Ruta WordPress theme to make sure you can make blogging easier.

Bring all the documentation you think is necessary

Lastly, you absolutely need to have good access to documentation – from your (valid, in-date) passport for international trips to your VISA if you need one to access that location, health and driving insurance and international student IDs you should ensure you have all of your needed documentation on you. Also, all tickets and boarding passes are a must – without these, you are in a bit of a situation in many different ways.

Documentation is a hard thing to manage, but ensuring it’s all in place is the best of the packing hacks; equipment and documentation should come before anything else. You can wear the same shirt two days in a row: you cannot do anything without documentation or equipment.

Using these packing tips, you should be much more likely to enjoy a simple and easy trip. Knowing how to pack a suitcase without bringing excessive quantities of items is very hard to do, but these simple packing hacks should make that a bit easier. Travel is hard enough, so make it a little easier using these!

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