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There’s a hidden restlessness to Photex

At first blush it’s just a quiet affair with your photos. But look closer and you’ll see crisp lines. Elegant typography. Bold accents. A yearning that pierces through - then hides behind your photos. Even the layout flows: pick a grid or a full-width layout, and voilà.

Open Your Own Shop With Woocommerce

Sell your work hassle-free. We’ve made a built-in shop based on the fantastic WooCommerce plugin. Set it to full-width for a comfy layout or just a sidebar for a cozy one.

Animated contact form

Delight people with details like the animated contact form. It smoothly slides into view - rounding up the ephemeral feel of Photex’s aesthetic.

Focus on light and composition

With a subtle hover effect: flip the switch and all your photos in the grid will turn black and white. Hover over them with your mouse and the color returns.

Theme Standard Features

Responsive by design

The layout reflows beautifully to any screen size, so it looks great from phones, to tablets, to 4k displays to TVs.

White label theme administration

We’ve removed all our branding from the theme, so it’s perfect if you want to customize it - especially for your clients.

Easy translations

Display the theme in any language using .PO files. Give us your translation and we’ll include it in the theme's official language pack!

Google Maps

Save time with built-in Google Maps - add your location to a contact page in just a few taps.

Contact Form

The contact form hides your email address but still lets your visitors begin a private conversation with you. This is better than moderating messy comment threads.

Custom widgets

Display your ads, tweets, Facebook page and other dynamic content with a bunch of our custom widgets.

Shortcode Generator

Change complex parts of the theme without coding or technical skills. Use a shortcode to edit rows, columns, buttons, dropcaps and stuff like that. It’s an absolute time-saver.

Photoshop Files Included

You get all the theme’s .PSD files so you can make custom changes if you need to.

Multiple Support Resources

People love our fast support. Get help at our support center, or even Twitter and Facebook. P.S. All themes come with detailed documentation to help you get started.


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