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Legalized WordPress Theme is perfect for lawyers, law firms, judges, legal corporations, justice corporations and for any legal and law related businesses. Theme fits the needs of small and large businesses who want a clean, good looking, professional website that will make the best impression on current and future clients.



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  1. Yeah, can you imagine setting up a deal with a law firm and not being able to update until the next 'update' from these guys come out 2 months? Luckily enough the only theme I used here was for my sister so she understands, The sad thing is that everyone loved it and her business is booming! These themes are for one off businesses and do everything to not enable you to go and sort it out yourself. I've had experience of WP themes and the best ones let you do what you want when you've purchased (it is GPL Licence) after all. No offence guys but to set up themes and then set them up so you need a 'developer' isn't on.

    I'm in the process of setting up a WP advice site which will set out exactly what a theme developer will provide. Hopefully things like this will enable a developer like this to provide themes that not only look good, but deliver.

    I'm not even going to go into the fact that I purchased for a year and then halfway through these guys decided to have a developer account and cut my access. I feel that was stupid. However, I had already knew I wasted my money so what was the point of complaining?

    I know this post will be shot down however, I will be posting to FB, but hopefully it will make someone at Themes Kingdom wise up and provide a service that is 2013 instead of 2010 when we were at the mercy of WP developers unless you knew what you were doing. . Now most of us do.

    Why am I ranting now – well trying to change something simple on my sisters' website proved impossible, without going in and potentially messing it up. When I first started out I didn't know that much what I was doing – now I do and it's still impossible with these themes. Also when I had issues with my themes it took months for the 'Knights' to update (several times). Strewth.

    Just saying. The End.


  2. Hi epubpress,

    First, please accept my apologizes for issue with developers licence. Recently we migrated our billing system, and some of our users were affected with this migration. We will never reduce our service or support to paying customers. Your account is active, together with developers licence.

    All our themes are designed and developed following the current WordPress technology. Aside from that, we are trying to tailor theme that will suite most needs with minimum efforts. However, users in some cases need customization and support in order to achieve desired effect. As mentioned, all themes are developed to suit most users which are not familiar with WordPress or have minimum coding skills.

    Our support is free, and in most cases we provide full customization solution, without pushing our customers to pay for that. Of course, there are customization requests which require several working hours, and this service is not free. All our users can submit the ticket, and we will try to answer as soon as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes we are overloaded with other things – theme development and updates, and user requests.

    We update our themes occasionally – we gather feedback from our customers and based on this information we update themes. Gathered information are in most cases bug fixes and functionality improvements. Also, updates are depending from third-party services, for example Twitter.

    Recently we have changed our theme architecture, and with this improvements our themes are more flexible, with customization options and page builder, but downside is that some users might find this confusing. It's pretty hard to develop theme that is simple enough for less skilled users, and from other side to develop theme that will be highly appraised from professional users.

    I hope that this will provide more details about our work and that theme development is not "a piece of cake" as sometimes it looks like. Themes Kingdom is friendly and user orientated organization and every feedback is highly valuable – does not matter positive or negative. Each feedback help us to improve our themes and services.

    You are always welcome to submit your suggestions, comments, and any other information that you believe that will help us to develop as organization. The last thing that we want is to be mentioned as "company stuck in time".

    In the meantime, feel free to try our other themes, and since you have WordPress experience, your feedback as feedback from professional user is more than welcome.

    Thank you for your comment, and talk to you soon!
    – Djordje, Themes Kingdom Customer Service

  3. Thanks for your response. You could have easily just removed the comment. I'll have a try with the most recent theme thanks and see how that works out with new features. I appreciate you are doing your best and I must say i really like the theme designs, it was just usability that was the problem. Thanks and regards, John

  4. Hi John,

    As mentioned before, we are user orientated and transparent organization. We are highly aware that we are not perfect, and we believe that every feedback, positive and negative should be public. Without transparency our customers may not be aware of quality of themes and our services.

    If you wish to submit the comment about usability issue, please feel free to contact me through mail djordje@themeskingdom.com and I will gladly read and respond.

    Thank you,
    – Djordje

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