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  1. Hi guys.The theme you created is the best i could find to set a faastny football club related pages.However i have problems with featured and thumbnail custom fields.I followed the instructions very carefully but it seems that it is not working properly.What i did :- I checked the permisions all ok- I checked the location of the images in the uploads directory, all ok- Cache folder is there.However in the cache folder nothing is created ( i guess i should see variations of the image isnt?)Please help me with that.(The server is locally so that i could check and fix the issues,after i finish i ll intergrated in a remote wordpress server.)Thanks in advance guys. You really rock!

  2. Seriously? I never comment on blogs but this theme is awesome! I purchased from Themes Kingdom and never used much. Then I discovered Invisi – It’s wicked for reviews and news sites The themes are so easy to manage – seriously rock. Was waiting for this theme – my sister is child minder – building a website for her – all the ‘gif’ type nonsense going on is wicked -well done πŸ˜‰

  3. Had to come on here to comment on how great I think this theme looks, very modern and cool looking, great thing I agree with the swizzling gifs. Full marks, just trying to work out how I can use this site for my business.

  4. Big fat thanks from Themes Kingdom team! πŸ™‚ We really appreciate what you think guys and we are very thrilled about the theme as well. It’s nice that you like our new and fresh design as well!!!

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