Round Table

Dear Knights, the time has come!
We need your Honour, Honesty, Valour and Loyalty.
The significance of the Round Table is that no one person, not even the King, should sit at the head of such a table.
We need your opinion and ideas – our table has no head.

What kind of Themes you want to see in our castle?
Two best ideas will be rewarded by Media Temple 1 Year free Grid-Service hosting plan (worth $240)!

Hurry up, we want to hear your voice!

Thank you guys for amazing ideas and inspiration! As you know, we have only two giveaways this time

WINNERS: Alejandro Carrillo and bgraybeal

We will make bgraybeal’s music theme by the end of this month. Theme inspired by Alejandro’s idea should be released on March.

NEXT ROUND TABLE: WIN 10 x 10.000 Sendloop delivery credits!

26 Responses

  1. I would like to see a theme that is very simple, maybe gray design (or able to switch colors in a backend panel)

    The theme should be good for use of a CMS, because, at least my opinion, of all themes here, is that until now, it have been very specific designs. I would like to see a more ‘all-around’ which ppls can fill up with plugins, blog, gallery and so on!

  2. Hi, I really want to see a theme for bands/artists (with custom templates for biography, discography, photo gallery, concerts). It’s true that there are some themes like that around – but I think it would be really great to have it connected with the artist’s Facebook page as much as possible (events, photos, status updates, etc).

    I work with a few artists and many don’t have time to even ask the webmaster to add stuff on the website, but they update their Facebook page very often. By having a theme with built-in functionality to connect/import stuff from Facebook they will also have an up to date website.


  3. I want a theme for niche site.

    The theme has special functions to create popular pages such as DCMA, Privacy Policy… for just 1 click (it will save a lot of times for Internet Marketers)

    Moreover, the theme must be clean and simple, so that people can focus on reading content (not with the design). Drag n Drop function can help your theme rock 🙂

    That’s my idea

  4. 1. There are very few wordpress templates that cater to the film industry or focus on videos. It would be good to have a template that allows a film production company to upload trailors of the movies that they have made. It can possibly be divided in 3 catagories – Released Films, Upcoming Films. Under Production. This template could probably come in two variants – Light (White) and Dark (Black). This can further have a child theme – where users can upload video trailors and review films.

    2. I havent also come across a WordPress template for a Parent company or a group company. I have a few clients that have 4-5 companies under them. They usually like a front page with pictures and brief details of their subsidiary companies. clicking in the images or readmore takes them to the website of the subsidiary company. Usually I design this on HTML. I have the parent company logo. about us, etc and then a beautifully designed section underneath that has an image / thumbnail depicting the subsidy company along with some text,

    3. I haven’t even come-across a template that caters to a library. A template that can also serve as an online record keeping book for the library. The users can check out what books are out / which ones are available / which ones they have in hand – Basically a user friendly Library Management WordPress Template .

  5. I’m looking; and I think other people too, for a small, fresh, clear classifieds/ small advertisements theme. (Payment by pickup – No paypal and other payments) A little bit like AppMaker …. !?
    Greatings full of sun from Hannover, Germany –

  6. A modern (in terms of design and tech –HTML5, etc), minimalist theme, CMS/business-oriented, but first of all truly RESPONSIVE. I really need that the TK themes would behave optimally on mobiles (iPhone et al.)

  7. I’ve got your winning idea right here: A theme for email landing pages.

    Sounds so simple, yet it isn’t done right… well, anywhere, and I’d love to see the excellent design of the ThemesKingdom team collide with this untapped space.

    What I’m talking about is a theme that resembles a site like

    That in itself is simple enough, but here’s the lifesaver: EASY AWEBER & MAILCHIMP INTEGRATION.

    I’m talking copy your AWeber code, paste it into the necessary section, and boom, you have an email sign up page live in a minute or so.

    So many themes try to do "Coming Soon" pages, yet not a single one of them integrates easily with AWeber.

    Maybe I’m totally off here and this is just a specific request from an email newsletter loving nerd, but I’d love you forever if you came out with a theme like this (more importantly, I’d buy it).

  8. First, thanks for the great designs you’ve produced so far. The price is exceptional as well.

    One thing I would love to see would be a car dealership theme. There are only 4 that I’m aware of at this point, and only 1 of them has a decent design straight off the shelf. I think there is a significant market for this (look at how many times the Automotiv theme has been purchased on Themeforest).

    Providing a well-designed and highly-functional care dealership theme would take ThemesKingdom to the next level.

    Thanks for considering.


  9. Hi, there are two kinds of themes I would love to see:

    1. A Big Picture style photography theme that pulls in a Flickr set per blog post and displays all the images and captions in a long scrolling vertical page. Similar to this –

    2. Would also love to see a simple 1 page scrolling theme that uses anchors, always visible navigation, and expandable content areas. Just like this site:

    thanks, Nick

  10. I want to see a WordPress Theme perfect for video sharing sites where users are also allowed to send in their submissions by embed or upload their own video.

  11. I would love to have an audio clip/mp3 player and article (pdf) organizing site with the ability to footnote/cite articles. (For an academic site.)
    Also, the ecommerce skins are always nice!

  12. Simple fullscreen (window size) fluid portfolio theme. Left fixed sidebar with menu, social and other widgets, big picture on top (like header), and grid of pictures down (that represents posts/gallery photos, videos and etc). Whole page in sharp and simple rectangles (windows mobile design with nice colours, and simple white icons when it’s mouse over. When it is on mobile, it will look like left fixed menu and picture grid on the right that can be slide up and down. Users can chose colours of each segment of site… 😀

  13. Cutting long story short. Checking the trend of WP themes sale in major market place fully responsive eCommerce theme and professionally coded business themes are high in demand.

    There are various business and those needs variety of design.

  14. Hi, folks!

    Would be great to have a user panel site. Yes, a internal site to ofer to our clients, ehere they can connect, view they account, their profile, don’t know. Haven’t seen sites like this and would be great to have one!


  15. One major letdown in the WordPress Themes comunnity is the lack of writer/journalist themes.

    Profesional, full feature as many themes but with a good set of choices like fonts and backgrounds. I am not talking about a newspaper feel, I mean a really profesional, good looking, full featured theme to show our texts, comming from local news reports, poems, little stories, books fragments.

    And if I am selling a book, create a special portfolio to display it, the contents of it, and why not media comments.

    Why not make it BuddyPress compatible too? Maybe I can run a little fan page. I have to go, I will continue later if I feel I need to add something else.

  16. The theme I’m on the look out for has a home page that blends blog posts and more "static" content – mixing business and blogging.

  17. I would love to see a theme with custom functionality for Gamming Guilds as there is almost nothing out there on Google for that apart from a few misc scraps for WoW, and secondly I would love to see a music store theme with iTunes integration. Again, not very much exists out there for that.

    Just discovered your site, and am interested in how you continue to grow!

    All the Best,

  18. I wish to see a minimal, responsive theme framework on which we can work on further customizations, also this will bring great benefit for a unified background for all future theme releases at ease.

    So far as I know some other theme makers did this and faster release cycle can be achieved with this. Also an universal control panel with some basic functions like custom CSS/background image/logo changer and a simple SEO tool will significantly make it easier to control the theme.

    For the next release I really want to see a minimal, responsive but elegant blog theme made just for personal blogs. 😛

    Anyway I’m enjoying the beautiful themes in the library, you’ve already done a great job and I’m sure you can make it better.


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