The Power of the Unboxing Video

Ecommerce businesses only come into physical contact with their customers through the product. But regardless, few stop to think about how important that fact is and, consequently, what they can do to make the experience more rewarding for the customer.

Consider the way you feel when opening a new purchase. For some it is a Zen-like moment. For others it is a ritual to be savored and drawn out. For most it is a chance to reignite that child-like excitement which stirs only when you are faced with something shiny and new. We, as human beings, simply love revealing and uncovering new things – and a product in a box speaks to that primal desire in a most direct and simple way.

Unboxing a long-awaited package that has just arrived in the mail is that rare occasion of pure, child-like joy. It is arguably the most positively emotionally charged moment in the entire process of interaction between the customer and the brand:

the product is there, but it is not yet “owned”, so it strikes the sweet spot that feeds on both contentment and excitement.
This is the reason why unboxing videos are so popular – there are tens of millions of results when you search for “unboxing” on YouTube. Especially when the experience itself is somehow designed by the brand, which means that attention has been paid to design the box, to customize it with a personal note or another insertion with a surprise deal or coupon, to wrap the item(s) up in decorative paper or to do any of the myriad of tiny creative and/or upselling touches that can make the unboxing an experience to be cherished, thus making the customer feel special.

Couple all that with the power and ease of penetration of online video, and you get a result that is simple to produce, strangely captivating to watch and makes for a great presentation of your product and your brand in a situation a lot of people can relate to.

So what are you waiting for? Of course, it’s great if your packaging is so nice and your product so good that people are making unboxing videos themselves. But there is no reason for you not to get in on the action and produce such a video yourself, so you can focus and highlight all the points you deem important and be in full control of your product’s image.

And don’t think that unboxing videos are only for technology and Apple stuff. If you have any sort of tangible product, you should be thinking about how you can create unboxing videos to connect with your audience. The style and approach is up to you, just consider what suits your brand and the product best. For a good example, check out IKEA’s “Experience the power of a bookbook” which is actually a parody, but as any good parody, touches on all the key points that constitute the unboxing video genre.