The Exit Intent Pop-up

If you want to run and grow a successful ecommerce business, you have to face some harsh truths, and one of the harshest is that 99% of those hard won first-time visitors  have absolutely no intention of making a purchase. And there is not much you can do about that number.

This means that you should focus on getting those 1% first, and second, on making those first timers come back again. That’s all nice and well, but it doesn’t really mean that you should just ignore all those potential prospects the first time they come to browse around your online store.

The idea behind an exit intent popup (also know as an exit lightbox) is to help you catch at least some of those 99% and keep them on your website – and the nice thing is it works not only for first-time visitors but for anyone wishing to leave your site.

In a nutshell, an exit intent popup uses Javascript and your web browser to know when the visitor clicks to close the tab or change to another tab. That is a trigger for the popup to appear with a last ditch effort – an opt in for subscription or a special offer highlight.

Exit popups work because they disrupt the process of tab switching, which has become almost as natural as breathing for most web users. Additionally, they work because they present users with a strongly voiced option that calls for direct action and a single decision.

Exit popups should be activated anytime a user decides to leave your website, but the content of the popup should be customized depending on the specific context. For people leaving the shopping cart, a simple DON’T GO message paired with an incentive such as a coupon code boosts sales by as much as 10%. For users who leave after simply browsing through your store, a promotion or a contest notification is the best option.

Additionally, you should make use of targeted traffic and display customized popups for users depending on the source of their traffic –for example, a discount for Pinterest followers on a selected item.

In a nutshell, an exit lightbox with one last offer functions to generate last-minute leads. By providing the option for additional or later discounts or special deals, you might just persuade the visitor to opt in to a newsletter subscription or to give your store another go. After all, if they were interested enough to come to your site, why not give them a good reason to stay and not bounce away for good?