We sucked when we began. We could’ve used a bunch of helpful guides. So we wrote them for our younger selves. Guides about making portfolios, event sites, blogs, growing businesses and more.

What they don’t teach you well in event management courses is how to run a successful online campaign. How important it is to have a fast, usable, scalable website. How people judge you in seconds. So we figured we’d write how to do it. And boil it down to easy-to-read chunks.

Learn how to make event sites and grow them.

What they don’t teach you in school is how to increase traffic and grow your business. How free t-shirts and welcome emails do wonders for your company. And word of mouth, and timely holiday offers.

Learn how to increase traffic and grow your audience.

What they don’t teach you in art school is how to craft a portfolio that’s not a cheap-looking PDF.

Make a portfolio that sticks out and promotes you best.

What they don’t teach you in any school is how to create a professional business site. Why a site is so important. What elements you should focus on – and which ones to ignore.

Read the ultimate guide to creating a pro business website.

Why is photography so goddamn important? And how to make shots that go viral? When you think about it, when did good photos become a source of income for so many, and a source of pleasure for many more?

How’d the rise of visual content happen?

How do you start a restaurant AND REMAIN SANE IN THE PROCESS?

How do you sell stuff online?

And if I want to help others, how to I raise funds? How do balance my budget and make a great charity website?

But what if I want to treat people, help them heal? Why is it so important to speak a language people can understand without prior medical knowledge?

Why, indeed.

Take a look at the guides we wrote, and maybe you’ll find something useful you can use.

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