The #1 request we received in 2016 was to create an ecommerce version of our Ippo theme.

We’re giddy with delight to close out 2016 with a bang: may we present, Ippo Shop!

Ippo Shop’s based on the same effortless aesthetic of Ippo. But it adds full WooCommerce compatibility. We didn’t just slap some paint on it. We took time to carefully apply all of WooCommerce’s features with Ippo’s iconic styles.

There’s a lot of fun stuff to discover and try. Like the filter system, which we customised into a drawer instead of WooCommerce’s default sidebar. We think it’ll help you stand out from other online shops.

You’ll also be able to pick between two product pages for your stuff. One is a classic layout with your product’s main image, some thumbnails, and a description. The other is a beautiful fullscreen split view: half of the screen is your product’s image, the other half is its description.

Find these – and more! – customisations in the WordPress Customizer.

See everything Ippo Shop has to offer.

As always, our annual and lifetime members get these today. Head to My Downloads to get Ippo Shop right now.

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