We’re doing a hackathon – a weekend when we design, code, and setup a website based on our Goodz Shop theme for WordPress!

You tell us the kind of website you need and we’ll build it for you and your business. Completely for free. No questions asked. No strings attached.


Here’s the deal:

1. You get our Goodz Shop theme. It’s great for ecommerce and online shops but we will adapt it completely to suit your needs, goals, and ideas.

2. You get 1 year of our Themes Kingdom Managed platform. We will install, host, maintain, and support your site for free, for 1 year.

3. We will setup WooCommerce for your site to handle orders and payments (works globally).

4. You get written content for the website, too. We’ll write all of the copy and any other texts you need.

5. You get a professional photoshoot of your product (max 3 products).

6. The hackathon will be broadcast LIVE from 21 to 22 May 2016.

Who can apply?

Everyone. Entrepreneurs, businesses, festivals, bakeries, companies as old as time… anyone from anywhere in the world.

Where do I apply?

Apply by filling out this form. It takes 3 minutes.

Applications are open from 14 April until 28 April.

We’ll post the winner on our blog on 9 May.

We can’t wait to start our hackathon!

Good luck :*

P.S. Feel free to share this with your friends or someone you know who could use a website!

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