Put a Ballroom SEO Dress on Your WordPress

It doesn’t matter if you’re running an e-shop, an online magazine or just a personal blog, your ultimate goal is always the same – get more people to visit your website.

Since the Internet first went live, people have been doing their best to get everyone they could interested in what they have to offer on their web pages.

Some of them succeed, some of them didn’t.

Those who did, are probably now enjoying the fruits of their labor.

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Notes on the current events at Themes Kingdom

We’ve been slaving away at a bunch of new stuff.

In fact, we’ve been working hard so much that we kind of forgot to post anything about it. This post is here to change EVERYTHING… about that. Let’s dig in, there’s a lot to go over:

1. New website
2. 2x New themes
3. Reconstruction of existing themes
4. Themes Kingdom’s themes – managed

First up, we’re giddy with delight because the new Themes Kingdom site will be finished soon. The complete redesign of the website has been a long time coming; some of us can barely wait to show it to you guys.

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