A Sneak Peek Of Our Photex WordPress Theme

For those who are curios about the things  we are working on, here is a glimpse at our upcoming photography theme called Photex. Every professional photographer wants to present his portfolio in the best possible way. That’s why we are presenting you this responsive premium WordPress theme that will have all required features one photographer needs. Aside from that this theme will be fully compatible with WooCommerce shop.

It has the new  portfolio grid,  cool slider menu and many other features that you will be able to see on the date of release. It is a designed for all creative photographers all around the world.




We hope you like the preview! Let us know what you think…

P.S. If you have any questions or sugestions about design not just this one but and next themes, do not hesitate to contact us on email info@themeskingdom.com 


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    1. Hello,

      Thanks for kind words. Photex will be available for download at the end of March. As we said in previous comment…we will do our best to launch theme soon as possible.

  1. Hi Milan. I have this one bookmarked for a project I have in the pipeline. It looks like a mighty fine theme, just the style I am after. Roll on the end of march.

  2. Hi Milan!
    When do you think to launch Magma and Photex??? Are months that we don’t see a new theme here!

  3. Hi Shinyeagle,

    We are going to launch Magma on Monday. Today we are working on Magma testing and adding some cool features as well. As for Photex, it will be available for download at the end of March.

    Thank you,

      1. Hello knova15,

        Sorry for too late response. Photex is in the final testing phase. Soon you can expect it for download. We can’t say the exact date, but soon.

        Thanks for patience.

        All the best,

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